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Yemen: Christians killed

On June 12, nine Christian relief workers were abducted and three killed, reportedly because they were suspected of being involved in evangelistic work, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.

The Christians left the city of Sa’ada without an armed escort to visit a doctor who lived nearby, according to reports. The believers left the doctor’s home after two hours and eyewitnesses saw a group of armed men stop them. Investigators believe the kidnappers executed three of the hostages a short time later. At last report the other relief workers are still being held hostage and have been handed over to tribesmen.

Two suspects have surrendered themselves to Yemeni authorities and have been arrested. It is also reported that local imams in the area were concerned some of the relief workers were involved in evangelism while providing medical aid. Media reports indicate the Christians claim the Yemeni government is looking for the killers although they also say they had “requested them not to travel outside their area of work.”

The Voice of the Martyrs encourages you to pray for the families of the deceased believers and protection for those who have been kidnapped. Thank God for the faithful lives and work of those killed. Pray that the remaining hostages will be released. Ask God to fill those in mourning with a peace that surpasses understanding in the midst of their grief. Pray for endurance and wisdom for those serving the Lord in Yemen

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