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World Missions Director’s Family Injured in Accident

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Dina LeRoy Rathbone, daughter of Rev. Douglas LeRoy, general director of World Missions, along with her husband, daughter, and a friend, were involved in a serious automobile accident on Saturday, July 3. All survived the wreck, but had to be hospitalized.

Steve and Dina Rathbone, daughter Nikki, and Nikki’s friend, Aaryn Wilson, were near the Rathbone home in Princeton, West Virginia, when the accident happened. An elderly woman driver pulled directly into the path of their vehicle, making the collision impossible to avoid. Nikki and Aaryn were air-lifted to a Charleston, West Virginia, hospital.

Dina and Nikki have been released from the hospital. The mother suffered broken ribs at the sternum, a broken vertebra in the lower back, bruised heart and lungs. The daughter also had broken ribs and a lacerated liver. Their recovery will require long-term care and therapy.

Steve and Aaryn remain hospitalized, but in stable condition. Steve experienced a severely broken leg and extensive bruises. Aaryn had a broken left ankle, broken left arm and a dislocated shoulder. Aaryn is the grandson of former World Missions board chairman, Sim Wilson.

A request for prayer went out when word of the accident was learned, and many people have been interceding for a successful recovery. The good report from what could have been a much more serious tragedy is a testimony to God’s mercy.

(Source: Church of God World Missions)

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