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World missionary Geoff Richards has advanced inoperable metastatic bone cancer

Geoff Richards in the KWVE studios after his interview with Dan Wooding

World missionary, Geoff Richards, who has served in India, Nepal, the Middle East, UK, and his homeland Australia, has revealed that he has advanced inoperable metastatic bone cancer.

Richards, who has been battling prostate cancer for several years and now lives in Portland, New South Wales, Australia, gave his latest news in a message to his friends.
He began his communication by quoting Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish Presbyterian theologian and author from the 1600s, and one of the Scottish Commissioners to the Westminster Assembly, who said, “I am waiting in hope here to see what my Lord will do with me. Let Him make of me what He pleaseth; providing He make glory to Himself out of me, I care not. I hope, yes, I am sure, that I am for Christ, and all that I can or may make is for Him.”
Richards in his message said, “As I read, I resonated deeply with these stirring words of my old friend SR [Samuel Rutherford] in Lithgow Hospital on Monday evening. Carefully marking them to make them my own prayer, I little realized how soon they would be put to the test.
“Some of you know that I was admitted to hospital last Thursday for a painful urinary blockage. Given my diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2002 Dr. Dearin not only arranged to relieve the immediate problem with a catheter, but took the opportunity to look around more widely. I’m glad he did.
“Over the next several days, I had two CT scans, an ultrasound and, on Tuesday, a bone scan. I was discharged that afternoon and by nightfall I knew the outcome: Advanced inoperable metastatic bone cancer through much of my skeletal system.”
Ward mate accepts Christ
Geoff Richards went on to say, “For many years I have rejoiced to preach that my times are in His hands and He is the length of my days in the land but that is nothing like being able to testify now I know it! His deep and settled heart peace has been mine from the moment I entered hospital and Paul’s prayer is mine: ‘I trust that my life will bring honor to Christ whether I live or die’ Phil 1:20 NLT. It was pure joy to see that trust honored in hospital when my ward mate prayed to receive Christ on Saturday.
“It would be easy to write much more – and I will – but I don’t want to presume. If you wish to travel this unexpected Journey with me, you need only respond and I will be delighted to share it. Meanwhile, Acts 13:15 is still in the Book and your encouragement will make this strong heart still stronger….
“Your friendship has been a welcome and colorful backdrop to the mural of my life and I trust this renewed link will help us to walk more purposefully as we press on to know Him together.”
Richards recently made a round-the-world trip to greet his many friends, and even worked with OM-Founder, George Verwer, in London for a period, and then came on through to Southern California where I was able to interview him for my Front Page Radio program. In it, he shared movingly about his many years as a missionary, and also about the deaths of his wife, Jan, his father, and his son Tim, and how God brought him through these periods of testing.
To listen to that extraordinary interview with Richards, please go to:
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