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“Word, Spirit and Community: Vision 20/20-6R”

The Church of God Latin American Executive Committee, World Missions and the Ministerial Care Division, will partner on a Latin American summit scheduled for April 22-26, 2013 in Guatemala.

Church of god World Mission“The time has come when the need for a full and open conversation is urgent, so that we can search for ways of implementing this great initiative of faith” stated David E. Ramirez, Latin American Field Director. “Already it has been possible to move forward on various fronts, but still, much remains to be done. We are all very enthusiastic about what God is doing in our part of the world (Latin America), but we have high expectations of what God is going to do in the coming years. In this meeting we are looking forward for an informed and representative participation from all the ministries of our church. Together, we can think, pray and plan better.”

The theme for the summit is “Word, Spirit and Community: Vision 20/20-6R.”

The primary goals of the event are to analyze, reflect and plan, as one body, how best to execute the Vision 20/20-6R, in all of its strategic aspects, so as to be able to mobilize the Latin American Church for its ministry in the task entrusted to it.

According to Ramirez, the targeted audiences encouraged to attend the summit includes administrative bishops, directors of education, church planters, teachers, directors of programs for children, social ministries, professionals, business people, pastors, directors of women’s programs, youth workers, directors of missionary-sending programs, students, chaplains, missionaries and delegated members from all the countries of Latin America. In addition there will be participation by the bishops and leaders of the churches in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

Ramirez says he, “expects representatives from all the countries of Latin America. We also count on having observers from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Hispanic Caribbean and the USA.”

Several goals of the summit are to, 1) inform and inspire all who attend by analyzing and reflecting on the general bases and action of each of the PRIORITIES (6Rs) of the Vision 20/20; 2) to make space for dialog around the work tables so as to be able to identify images, values, biblical models, competencies, abilities, experiences and plans of execution that would enrich the distinct initiatives and processes needed for realizing the vision; 3) to stimulate, motivate and general creative spaces for innovation, design and projections for the church of today and of tomorrow; 4) to coordinate, align and to integrate the projects in the area of church planting, revitalization of churches, global mission (missionary agencies: AEMI, AMCA), social action (benevolence) and service, updating of education and the production of theological and ministerial resources (ALEAL), the emerging generation (youth networks and specialties), the 4/14 window, pastoral care, initiatives and networks of business people, professionals and enterprisers, women networks (Amigas por un Sueño, Friends for a Dream), and other networks related to Vision 20/20-6R.

Ramirez said each country will register its own delegates and will present this information to the Regional Superintendent. Each Regional Superintendent will send a list of those registered to the Operational Office of the Latin American Leadership Meeting, to the attention of Dr. Otoniel Collins, executive director.

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