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Will european banking union compensate for the lack of democracy in Europe ?

As you’re  reading  this,  please, have in backstop that the article is written from the mainstreet point de vue and it’s worthy considered as such. The point is the more European institution building is growing in complexity, the worst democracy is breathing inside the eurozone. Which in turns translates into much more distance of european people to something that is of a great importance for them. So either schizophrenia or paranoia, we still don’t know the social outcome of all this complexity.
The suspicious question remains : why make it smple for people to understand as long as you can make it more and more complicated to fool them ? Feeling of distrust from european citizens and little confidence from  the markets are really bad ingredients in Europa cuisine.
So what lies next on the road ? Catch a glance here for more.
Eurogroupe comprising Financial Ministers is due to meet today in Bruxels to translates into concrete measures what the heads of States agreed upon ten days ago. Apparently, the task is such a messy little is awaited from the meeting, as no country is ready to move forward. To name  the Big Two :  Greece is asking two years delay to meet its commitments ; Spain is swallowed up into fears of banks collapse that threatens French banks also.
Thanks for the “Too big to fail” rule that allows banksters to keep their heads out of the water. May be eurozone debt crisis end would occur only once this abusive statement : too big to faill is out of course. Instead of another banking union, let’s toxic banks die to enable the cleanest of them survive and regenerated the whole BANKING system.
For more on the topic, read here. “Looks like the-cart-before-the-horse-ish”.

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