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Who wants a civil war in Syria ?

At least the media today have started to write that the events in the North of Syria could possibly have been caused by armed revolutionaries and that their armaments “could have come from Turkey”. Turkey is, by the way, governed by Islamists who are friendly with the Moslem Brotherhood all over the Arab world.

A reporter of the New York Times has even asked the Turkish justice minister, Sadullah Ergin, if Turkey would participate in any international military intervention in Syria, Mr. Ergin said, “We don’t even want to consider that possibility.” It was as if the reporter wanted to encourage the Turks to intervene in the internal struggle of this independent neighboring country. He received the right answer. Even if Turkey could be intervening secretly, it will not recognize it, at least for the moment.

For the moment, I say, because Turkey and its NATO allies are suspected to want to create in the North a “liberated region” akin to Benghazi in Libya, from which they could help the revolution with men, arms and air support.

The reality of these suspicions is stressed by the fact that all the places where troubles have started were in the Syrian periphery: Daraa, near Jordan, Homs, near the North of Lebanon, and now Jisr Al Shoughour, near Turkey.

The problems with this suspected plan are, first, that Syria is no Libya (even in Libya the NATO countries are so tired that the American Secretary of Defense is now criticizing his allies). Syria has a very powerful and disciplined army; Syria represents now, with Lebanon, the last Arab resistance to the Israeli aggression and the last hope for the Palestinians to have justice. The Palestinian cause is sacred to all the Arab populations of all confessions, especially the Sunnis. For that, even the Sunnis of the “moderate” Arabs are against their own governments and admire the Syrian government for its resistance.

Syria has also allies who will fight for her politically in the United Nations, like Russia (the only Russian naval base in the Mediterranean is Tartous in Syria) and China, and militarily like Iran and perhaps Lebanon. The latter is already worried about what is happening in Syria, because Lebanon will be the next victim; any civil war in Syria will cause a civil and confessional war in Lebanon. Lately, Pope Benedictus said that Syria is the ideal of conviviality between Moslems and Christians. Who wants this ideal to be destroyed?

Let’s not forget that the main force, in this Syrian revolt, is the Moslem Brotherhood, helped by all Islamists in the Middle East, including the Wahhabi and the Salafi and their oil money.

For that, I do not understand the interests of the NATO countries to see them overthrow the only secular government left in the Middle East, unless the West is governed by Masochists, corporatist leaders, pro-Israeli lobbyists and/or visionary fanatics.

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