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Whispering Word hits the airwaves with “66 Weeks that will change your life”

Bible ministry Whispering Word is set to launch a life-changing new weekly radio series this Easter Sunday called 66 Weeks, providing a taster type overview of all the books in the Bible.

On Sunday April 24 at 5:45pm, London based Premier Christian Radio will

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broadcast the first of these 66 12 minute shows and continue every week at that time.

“We’re convinced it’s going to be one of the biggest initiatives to impact the Christian scene in the United Kingdom since Alpha course,” said Reverend Victor Robert Farrell, founder of Whispering Word.

He added: “66 weeks came about after writing Bible book overviews for Christian men’s magazine Sorted (a readers survey revealed that 50% of Sorted readers turn to these Bible book overviews before reading anything else in the mag!) Then by developing the Bible book overview for the five applications that Whispering Word has got on the iPad and iPhone. People love them! So, looking evangelistically, we believe that because we’re in a society where there is a less than zero concept of God we need to introduce people to the God of the Bible, beginning at Genesis!”

As this year marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible Rev Farrell believes this is a strategic time to launch this radio series: “I think God in His providence allowed 66 Weeks to now come to the fore and be birthed for such a time as this. With so much secular media coverage on the fact that it’s the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, it’s quite an opportunity to inform listeners of what the Bible really says and who the God of the Bible really is by committing themselves to these 66 Weeks which I know will change their life.”

As well as Whispering Word’s many other resources such as daily devotionals and topical Bible publications, on the back of the 66 weeks radio series they’ll be launching a number of other publications including four page pdf Bible overviews, a series of Bible overview and commentary books and a 66 week discipleship course in the London area for Christians and non-Christians to attend. This also will be available on video and V.R. is also in talks with an independent film producer to produce a documentary of the whole 66 Week Journey.

Rev Farrell is also hoping many other radio stations will want to make the most of broadcasting 66 Weeks: “We’re in talks with a number of other Christian radio stations in the UK and eventually are even setting our sights on China and you know, we’d love to offer the series to secular radio stations.

“We’re producing them very professionally and we want to also get it out to the United States, with such an exciting opportunity where there are at least 1600 Christian radio outlets.

“We believe 66 Weeks will have a dramatic impact, as both a discipleship course, and a great pre-evangelism tool to introduce non-Christians to the God of the Bible.

“We want to get this resource out to all the churches and so I would love to go and speak to as many churches and organisations as possible about this exciting and fresh Biblical initiative.”

Premier Christian Radio will also host the official launch luncheon at Premier Christian Radio, on Saturday May 7th 11:30 for 12:00 with key note speaker, George Verwer. For more information email:
Office Number 011 44 (0)845 224 3451
Mobile 011 44 (0)7975 805 323

You can also go to: for the Whispering Word media player for a taster of the 66 weeks radio show. And check us out at

66 Weeks is also available on iTunes where you can download our media player to your mobile device.

Peter Wooding is an award-winning TV, radio and print journalist and media consultant under the name of Peter Wooding Productions ( Having previously spent 10 years as news editor with UCB Radio in the UK, he has travelled extensively reporting from countries including Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Dubai, South Korea, Zambia, Gambia, Mozambique, Croatia, Israel and India. He now reports regularly for CBN News, ASSIST News Service, GDOP London, Russian Ministries, Whispering Word and Sorted Magazine. Peter and wife Sharon live in North Wales, UK with their three children. Passionate to see God’s Justice and Mercy impact lives, Peter is director of a new UK ministry Mercy Projects International ( to help at-risk young people in Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Kosovo, the Middle East and beyond. Contact Peter for consultation at: or tel. +44 1244 549167/+44 7500 903067

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