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What will Saudi Arabia do with the Shiite revolt in Bahrain ?

After reading This is Just a Start, by Thomas Friedman (New York Times 3/1/2011), I especially liked Thomas’ conclusion:

The next most important happening will be in Saudi Arabia, just a few miles from Bahrain. Saudi Arabia, the rich theocratic kingdom and principal Arab US ally, Saudi Arabia that used its finances to promote Wahhabi Islam all over the world, even in Europe and the US, Saudi Arabia that was the first to pay and arm the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia that helped change, with US approval, the Lebanese constitution to give its subject Rafik Hariri, as Sunni Prime Minister, dictatorial powers in Lebanon that allowed him to make a fortune (16.7 billion dollars) and indebt Lebanon of more than 60 billion dollars.

What will Saudi Arabia do with the Shiite revolt in Bahrain, just a bridge away? Will it send its troops to crush it as it did some years before? If not, what will the king do if the Shiites have a revolt in the Saudi oil eastern lands? What will the US next move be in that case?

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PS: Roger AKL is a former Lebanese navy officer, former Assistant armed Forces Attaché at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington D.C., former head of the Lebanese liaison bureau with the American forces in Lebanon (1983-1984), former chairman, CEO and director of the board of companies in the INTRA group (1984-1990). Currently he is a writer in Middle Eastern affairs.

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