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We owe Attorney Kenneth Thompson apologies in the Nafissatou/DSK case. Here they are.

When DSK/Nafissatou case burst out the sky of New York, we were dubious about the facts. To put it straight, we took side for DSK, with the absolute conviction he was not able to do such a rape. In fact, we couldn’t believe the whole story.

Remember the global context surrounding the news. So astonishing and so loud to take on. The story was standing more like a nightmare or a conspiration if not a plot.

We couldn’t imagine we were at the eve of big revelations about DSK libertinage. The level of which the man has got sexual encounters is beyond anything imaginable. The man looks more like an addict under uncontrolled sex pulsions. Therefore, the Nafissatou story is plausible. Definitely.
Looking backwards, we must confess our bad judgement of Attorney Thompson and tell him : “You were right from the very beginning”. So we apologize to you today at a time we are told DSK and his wife are living separately. But the whole story is still to be told. To say that Nafissatou has been raped today looks more and more like a truism, specially in those troubling times where France is returning to its bad colonialist and racist days trying to hijacked Ukraine 2012 money earned by black and muslim french national team players.
After French national team defeat in the quarter final against Spain, French people staged anew the national sport of criticism pointing fingers to players coming from french suburbs – the poorest places to leave in in France where the majority of the occupiers are blacks or muslims, due to the poverty of their living conditions and standards of living compared to those of White original colored French.
Black and Muslims players came under harsh criticism ranging from their inability to sing the national Hymn to their bad games and insults against provocative journalists that are never questionned about their own provocations. Today, the president of the FFF is announcing the decision of the FFF- following Michel Platini and the French minister opinion – to “punish 4 players” and to hold their earnings on until further notice. Sanctions would complete the process. Some may be ousted from the national team to meet the demand of some French people… one, two years or definitely.
A disciplinary council is expected to stage later on. The four players incriminated would receive a convocation :Hatem Ben Arfa, Samir Nasri, Jérémy Ménez et Yann Mvila.


After the South African World cup in 2010, players money was confiscated and never given back. Again sanctions were displayed against the same black and Muslim players. This time, we are fed up with this kind of disguised racism. White French people are the best cheaters and never are they punished nor denounced. A complicity between them is working here : after all, they are the ones shaping public opinion and holding in their hands the whole public stage.
That’s why french journalists were able to build a fake story about the “president Normal” and to sell the fable to voters to help the actual president to win the election. To do so, they didn’t hesitate to change the true story of the french president notably where this story and Nicolas Sarkozy’s one are connected : many wifes or girlfriends, a connection with bankers – Hollande’s girlfriend is the granddaughter of a banker and a shareowner of a TV channel where coincidentally, one of the two journalists of the presidential debate is now hired. The hiring happened some days after the new president’s election.
Who is asking to punish those journalists that have widely distanced themselves from the professional deontology, should something ressembling that exist in French journalism ? Nobody.
In America, president Hollande would be facing impeachment for two reasons at least : about his false identity that has fooled electors and for the wrong promises deliberately made for the same purpose. May be, at the end of the day, he is going to implement Sarkozy’s economic programme without Sarkozy. Permanently, he relentlessly concentrated his shots towards Sarkozy portrayed as being under Merkel’s domination like a dog. He, as president, would ask firmly for a growth pact to the EU and should the EU rejected his demand, then European countries should forget about French Parliament ratification of the fiscal compact.
Indeed, Merkel knew the whole story and the threat and should have been frightened. Then, came the last Brussels summit following the Mexico G20 Los Cabos meeting with the European crisis at the top of the agenda. European leaders have committed themselves to a banking union, a growth pack and the beginning of a fiscal union. We then thought French president has got everything he has demanded for.
You got it all wrong. Italy and Spain obtained money for their banks recapitalisation ; France took notice its demand for a growth pack was OK . Here is the best part. Angela Merkel told those little guys : eh Boys, before you enjoy your demands, you’d first have to sign the budgetary pack we agreed upon at the beginning of the year. Second, not only, would you sign it, but the whole measures are to be implemented and fullfilled. Meaning that “structural reforms” must take place first ; the deficit must be under control on a sustainable path : the golden rule candidate Hollande rejected during his campaign accusing Sarkozy of littleness beside Mrs Merkel is now resting on him as an obligation.
Third, she added, each euro lended comes with conditionality, control and oversight which means transparency. Italy, Spain and France have ended giving up more sovereings powers to Mrs Merkel than before. If you call it a win-win game, then welcome to Hollande’s wonderful world.
France is economically, politically, socially, intellectually and philosophically declining. To justify those failures, french elites are trying to put the burden on the minorities as easy scapegoats. The whole process is disgusting, dishonest and immoral. Talking about French economic program, Angela Merkel expressed her disappointment over what she called “the paths of facility”.

Illegality and Immorality

Back to Lawyer Thompson, you were triple right insisting your client was telling the truth about DSK. Here in France, politicians and some public people view themselves are being above the law : lies, sexual harrasment or forced sex intercourse, manipulations, distorsion, confusing people and domination of the minorities – either black or muslim – is a permanent trend. Consequently, for a french politician to impose sex intercourse upon a black female – a maid – is just considered as a right and a tradition. You did well insisting for the truth.
I wish you all the best and a happy end for the case. Looking forward to meet you, I wish earlier than you may think.
Once again, we/I apologize for my misjudgement of your perspicacity.
In so telling, best regards.

Elise Mbock is a Political Analyst and a Writer. Her first book deals with the reforms of institutions.
She is a graduate from Lyon 2 University (France) since 1995 in Information and Communication Studies where she was awarded the Title of “Doctor” (PHD).

Presently,  Elise Mbock is competing for French Parliamentary election in a Paris peripherical area with a huge population of immigrants in the District of Saint Denis known as 93.

She bears a project of “contract of  brotherhood” she intends to set on the Parliament agenda, in case of success in the race. The project is based on new proposals she is going to make, with her second book over immigration policies that are a failure in France considered from both sides : immigrants are not well integrated and nationals are still questioning what is going on with the increasing overwhelming unjustified immigration at a time when unemployment has never been so high.
To make those proposals, Elise has worked as a community servant with immigrants, women and the Youth. Inside a high school, she fulfilled a programme of integration of her design based on citizenship as a teacher of “public negociation”.

Elise is bearing another project : a development agency to deal with African development  World wide.

E. Mbock is 51. Website :

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