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Water drops on Japanese reactors futile, expert says

In the compounding layers of tragedy sweeping Japan, a Chernobyl-style release of nuclear material into the environment continues to present a grave concern. Despite valiant efforts, the government’s response in attempting water drops by helicopter has utterly failed, in one expert’s opinion.

Dr. Kaku (far rt.) appearing with George Stephanopoulos and Joe Cirincione

“It’s like using a squirt gun against a raging forest fire,” Physicist Michio Kaku PhD, a professor at City University of New York, told George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

Initially slow to respond, government officials publicly minimized the enormity of the crisis. “They are overwhelmed,” Dr. Kaku said. “They are floundering. They just don’t know what to do.”

Prayers are being lifted up for churches and missionaries within the evacuation zone, currently assessing the best way to respond to the disaster or whether they should evacuate themselves.

U.S. officials have raised fresh concerns about the spent fuel in reactor 4, a worry shared by Dr. Kaku. “Hollywood likes to focus on the meltdown – the melted core and the exposed uranium. But old fuel is actually more dangerous than the meltdown because there is more radiation in the unguarded spent fuel pond than in the reactor itself,” he said.

The Japanese nuclear crisis has the potential to be larger than Chernobyl, because there are hundreds of tons of nuclear waste stored in the reactor cores that could be lofted into the environment. “We have cracks in the containment vessels of reactors one, two, and three. If those cracks grow, or if there is an explosion, this could be something beyond Chernobyl, because of the fission products stored in the reactor,” Dr. Kaku said.

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