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VOM: 1 Million NT’s Mailed

On Aug. 5, 2009, The Voice of the Martyrs’ Bibles Unbound (BU) ministry reached an exciting milestone with its shipment of the 1 millionth New Testament. VOM is grateful to believers all across the United States who regularly mail New Testaments to people in countries such as Colombia, China, North Korea and Egypt.  BU and its covert operations are unique tools to spread the gospel throughout restricted nations.

VOM praises God for His favor and faithfulness to the many persecuted Christians around the world who gather names and addresses of people who need Scriptures. These names are submitted to Bibles Unbound, where members have the opportunity to mail New Testaments in the appropriate language directly to the field. BU provides an opportunity for believers to stand alongside persecuted brothers and sisters and helps create a witness for Jesus Christ in hostile lands.

VOM encourages you to get involved with Bibles Unbound and play a part in providing God’s Word to people around the world who have not had access to it. We have reached an incredible milestone, but more people around the world are still waiting, so sign up and send more Bibles at

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