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Violent Clashes as Thousands Protest in Cities Across Syria

In comments to the New York Times’ “Violent Clashes as Thousands Protest in Cities Across Syria”, June 17, 2011, a reader asks a very important question that is the key to what is happening in Syria; he asks “what Tripoli (Lebanon) had to do with this”.

It has, because what is happening in Syria is an Arab and international matter, much more than an internal one. The main battles happened on the frontiers of Syria with Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and now Iraq. They happened on Fridays with people going out of the mosques excited by the speeches of the cheikhs. In Tripoli, Lebanon, the pro-American Saudi subject, Saad Hariri, was replaced by a new Prime Minister and he is unhappy. So, he provoked extremist Wahhabi manifestations in Tripoli that attacked the Alawite quarters. The Lebanese army had a soldier killed and a lot others wounded trying to stop the fighting.

This explains, in a way, what is happening in Syria. It is a start of a planified civil confessional war and it is no more a question of regime change for freedoms; it is a question of confessional strife created by the Moslem Brothers, supported by the Wahhabi and Salafi Gulf Arab ‘moderate’ allies of the West. Let’s hope that the Syrian army will be able to stop it, because this confessional war is starting to expand in the neighboring countries, including Turkey, where Alawites are starting to protest against the Turkish Islamist government and the Kurds are starting to look towards their brethren in Syria and Iraq, hoping to unite in one Kurdish independent nation. It won’t stop there, because in Lebanon, the Sunnis will fight the Shiites and Iran will fight the Sunnis in the Gulf and perhaps Turkey, while Iraq will renew its confessional wars. How will the American troops there be able to leave?

The Americans and Western Europeans will support the Sunnis (even if they say they don’t like Sunni extremists) because they love Saudi oil, while the Russians will support the Syrian government to keep their sole naval base in the Mediterranean. Will we have then a Turkish Russian war?

What will the Chinese do? I leave you to guess. In the meantime, the Syrian Christian bishops are afraid that aregime change in Syria will result in Moslem extremists taking the power of the state. This will be, they declared, \”the end of the Christians in Syria\”, Christians that are living there peacefully with the other confessions since saint Paul’s conversion. Syria that has received one million refugees from Iraq, among them 250.000 Christains. For that, dear bloggers, let’s pray with the Syrian Christian bishops that the Syrian governement will reach an agreement with the real pacific Syrians and will be able to stop this fight.

By the way, after what happened to the Christians in my country, Lebanon, who listened to the Western mermaids and lost, after what happened to the Christians in Iraq, since the American ocupation, after what happened to the Christains in Palestine since the creation of Israel, I woul pray that the West would leave us alone, out of his loving but suffocating embrace.

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