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Vietnam: Family Flees Village

On March 9, Sung Cua Po, a Hmong Christian, fled into the forest with his family after authorities ordered their expulsion, according to Compass Direct News.

The family has suffered severe abuse from villagers and local Vietnamese officials in recent months. In mid-February, Sung Cua’s father pressured him to make offerings to family ancestors, but he refused. Later that month, community members took the family’s entire one-year supply of 40 bags of rice. Police were also authorized to demolish the family’s home, if necessary.

The Voice of the Martyrs supports displaced believers by providing resources to help them rebuild their homes and relocate their families. Pray that God will protect and provide for Sung Cua and his family. Pray that their example of steadfast faith will draw others to Jesus Christ and that Vietnamese authorities will stop harassing Christians.

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