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Valley Forge Christian College Professor Raises $82,000 for New Clean-Water Wells in Africa

On Friday, January 14, 2011, a hero returned home. He had spent long days hiking, and endured cold temperatures and altitude sickness. But his efforts will bring life to thousands.

Professor Phil Baker (right) with his son, Josiah, at Uhuru Peak, the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro

According to a news release from Valley Forge Christian College (, Professor Phil Baker arrived in Pennsylvania safely after an unforgettable experience in Africa.

His most exciting accomplishment was reaching Uhuru Peak, the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

With his son, Josiah, beside him at the top, he said, “It was an incredibly emotional moment as we hugged and cried. This was by far the most difficult physical thing either of us had ever done, and we were so glad to have shared the experience as father and son!”

Of the 44 climbers who began, only 25 made it to the summit.

During their trip, the climbers also visited Lobersoit, a local Maasai village. A water well and school will be built in Lobersoit as a result of the contributions of the men and women who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. The arrival of the visitors was celebrated by grateful speeches, tribal dances, gifts, and the music of a Maasai choir.

“The visit to Lobersoit will forever be etched in my mind,” Baker said.

Uhuru Peak

Because of the generous donations of the climbers from Glad Tidings Assembly of God in West Lawn, Pennsylvania and their supporters, $82,000 was given for five new clean-water wells to be dug in Kenyan communities. WorldServe International will match those donations and will dig five more wells in Tanzania.

Baker says that he may go back to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro someday, but for now he will continue to use his gifts of teaching and mentoring to bless the students he serves at Valley Forge Christian College.

“There are many ways to spend your life…why not spend it in a way that will bring life to others?” he said.

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