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Uzbekistan: Baptists Fined

Uzbekistan’s government continues to fine members of the Baptist Union and harass Protestant Christians, according to Forum 18 News.

“Valery Konovalov has been forced to pay a fine, after he was forced to appear as a witness in the trial of three leaders of the Baptist Union,” Forum 18 reported. “The three have themselves been forced to pay what the same court claimed was unpaid taxes and two were removed from their posts.”

In addition, the parents of children who attend Protestant schools in Uzbekistan have been warned to stop attending the churches. “The children were made to write statements promising that they would stop attending churches,” a Christian told Forum 18. “People are afraid to talk to us when they find out we are Christians.”

These incidents are the latest in the Uzbek government’s ongoing persecution of believers. VOM stands with Christians in Uzbekistan and encourages you to pray that charges against believers will be dropped. Ask God to encourage and protect believers and their families. Pray that their testimony of faithfulness will draw the authorities into fellowship with Christ.

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