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Using the Internet to Reach Out for Christ

The Internet is becoming a powerful evangelistic tool, and Global Media Outreach reaches people all over the world for Jesus, at their point of need. GMO is seeing over 1 million people on average per month make a commitment to Christ with many signing for follow up discipleship.

Their mission is simple: To use the Internet to reach people for Christ. When people find a website like, they receive a gospel message and can connect to an online missionary who is there to give love and support, share the Gospel, and answer questions.

When Joni and Friends first approached me about being an online missionary, I was skeptical. Me in evangelism ministry? It’s not my gift. But I was at a point in my ministry where I’d try just about anything to get out of a funk.

It took me a few months to warm up to talking with people online about Christ. I didn’t get it, and I certainly didn’t care about the spiritual needs of the people receiving my emails. Sending a prepared e-mail to somebody just didn’t seem right. Anyone can sit and send e-mails. In my mind, I also signed up for this job to minister to people who were affected with disabilities, and I was just buying my time until a letter from someone with a disability showed up in my mailbox.

I finally realized that I was throwing away a gift God had given me. My ministry wasn’t limited to disability ministry…I needed to minister to anyone God put in my path. Disabled or not, these people I was emailing needed Jesus, and it’d be my honor to lead them to salvation!

When I wrapped my mind around this idea and let go of my agenda, I saw new opportunities. I can reach people over the world with the love of Christ – just from my computer. How cool is that?

Even if I never write to someone with a disability, being an online missionary has been the best thing for me, for my ministry, and my personal growth as a Christian. Because of my disability, not many “strangers” would allow me to come into their lives and lead them to Christ, but they can’t see me through the computer. Therefore, I can lead them to Christ without any restrictions. I can use my writing skills, knowledge of scripture and theology, and experiences to get the message out effectively.

Thank you, Lord, for leading me to become an online missionary. May the folks I minister to come to know and love you.

To become an online missionary, one must fill out an application and go through the training. More information can be found at

Tait Berge, ANS

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