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U.S. Disavows 2 Drone Strikes Over Pakistan

The New York Times article, “U.S. Disavows 2 Drone Strikes Over Pakistan” (4/3/2013), reminds me of Talleyrand’s advice: “lie, lie, lie, there will remain always something”. Since WWII, lying has become a science. It has been used so much that it has become world mass brainwashing.

Moreover, as Eisenhower prophesied, in his farewell speech, the US is now controlled by the military industrial complex that, with the help of the lobbies, especially the pro-Israel one, controls the media, the world finances and consequently the elections in the entire West. Controlling the elections, it controls internal and world politics. It is so powerful, that Chuck Hagel, the new Defense Secretary, was so much attacked by congressmen that he had to apologize for declaring once: “Being an American senator, I give the priority to American interests, compared to those of Israel”.

This reminds me of President George Washington’s farewell address (I haven’t the exact words): “Strong emotional links between two nations could lead to a lot of evils, because, preferring one nation to others, brings about suffering enmities and wars without benefits or justification beyond simply defending the favored nation. They threaten to influence the American government into making decisions based upon the will of their allies instead of the will of the American people.”
The preference of the West for Israel has created enmities, hatreds and wars, all over the Moslem and Arab world, the last one being with the Pakistani ally.

Roger AKL is a former Lebanese navy officer, former Assistant armed Forces Attaché at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington D.C

Roger AKL is a former Lebanese navy officer, former Assistant armed Forces Attaché at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington D.C

First it helped Israel in the United Nations to take lands where the majority was Palestinian. It helped it defeat all the Arab countries united, because they were governed by western puppets. It pushed Nasser and all the Arab nationalism leaders in the arms of the Soviet Union; then, the West helped Israel defeat Nasser and all the Arab nationalist states, allied against the former. This caused the Arabs and Moslems to take refuge in backward Islamic fanaticism that the West used against the Soviet Union, by creating Al Qaeda, with the help of backward rich Gulf oil countries and their finances.

Not only that, preference to Israel pushed the West to let it attack its neighbors, Jordan, Syria and even Christian Lebanon and change the constitution of the latter, to enslave it to Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. For Israel, the US attacked Iraq, governed by its former agent Saddam Hussein, and France attacked Kaddafi of Libya who was protecting Europe from African immigrants and now the entire West is attacking Syria. Lebanon was destroyed so many times by Israeli aggressions with Western approval that Hezbollah was created to protect its Shiite south. It happened because the Lebanese army couldn’t protect them, being forbidden, by its western “allies”, to have modern defensive armament.

Shall I continue? When does the West and especially the US stop their emotional preference to Israel even against their own interests?, When are they going to stop attacking their own politicians, because they are patriotic enough to prefer their own countries’ interests to Israel’s?

So, please, US politicians and leaders give peace to your country, by taking your founding fathers’ President’s advice and stop preferring an aggressive, warlike and conquests’ addict country, Israel, and you will see that the Moslems and Arab populations will return to their former love for you.

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