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Thousands around the world are praying for Southern California talk-show host Rich Buhler who has a ‘mass on his pancreas’

Thousands of people around the world are praying for Rich Buhler, Southern California’s most well-know Christian radio host, who doctors have discovered has a “mass on his pancreas.”

Rich Buhler

The ASSIST News Service has learned that a group of ten Jews have announced that they are joining in this worldwide prayer vigil for the man known as the “Dean of Christian Talk Radio, by going to the Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem to “post a prayer for him.”

The veteran broadcaster, author, and speaker who was born on July 18, 1946, returned to the microphone nearly two years to again host his pioneering radio program “Talk From The Heart” on KBRT-AM 740 in Los Angeles, after an absence of 10 years.

Buhler was admitted to a local Orange County hospital on Wednesday (July 28, 2010) after suffering from severe stomach pains.

After initial tests, it was revealed by medical staff that he had a “mass on his pancreas.”

Since then, Buhler has also been suffering from a kidney problem and, for a while, it seemed that he might need dialysis treatment, but latest reports today (Monday, August 02, 2010) say that he is “doing much better.”

Warren Duffy, another veteran Christian talk show host, who has filled in on both Friday and today for Rich Buhler on “Talk from the Heart” told ANS, “His blood pressure skyrocketed on Friday night, then it dropped on Saturday night, and dialysis was mentioned as an option for treatment, but now his kidneys are functioning again. We’re all praying for the best.”

Duffy said that for a time, Rich’s temperature had shot up to 102 degrees. “But it is now back to normal,” he added.

Rich Buhler hugs Warren Duffy at the end of a memorial service for Terry Duffy

Duffy, himself a cancer survivor who lost his wife Terry to cancer, went on to say, “He is jaundiced because his kidneys weren’t operating properly, but the kidney started working overnight and he has a history of heart issues and he is on blood thinners which exacerbate his other issues.”

It is understood from a source close to Buhler that he is due to see an oncologist tomorrow (August 3, 2010) who will then discuss with him and his wife, Dianne, the results of a biopsy and also a possible course of treatment, which could include radiation.

One of his visitors today was Richard McIntosh, station manager for KWVE 107.9 FM in Southern California. After his hospital visit, McIntosh posted on the KWVE Facebook page, “Please keep KBRT’s Rich Buhler in your prayers. He is in the hospital and has been diagnosed with cancer. He is very weak and was eating solid food today for the first time in four days. Rich was a pioneer in Christian radio in Southern California with his ‘Talk From the Heart’ Program.”

Note: Since we released the intitial story about Rich Buhler’s illness on ANS on Saturday, we have been inundated with goodwill messages, telling both Rich and Dianne that they are praying for them both. I have forwarded each one to them to the couple and if you would also like to send a message, just send it to me at and I’ll forward it to on to them.

Dan Wooding, Assist News

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