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Thomas Nelson: Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers

Leslie Leyland Fields, author of Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers (Thomas Nelson), knows that nothing is worse than an unforgiving heart—especially when the unforgiveness is directed towards one’s parents. Fields is an expert on the subject, and together with clinical psychologist Dr. Jill Hubbard, she brings pragmatic, biblical answers to the vicious plague of unforgiveness.


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An unforgiving heart causes bitterness and often results in unhappiness and depression or other health issues. But when the lack of forgiveness targets a person’s parents—the people who are supposed to nurture not wound—these problems are compounded. Parents are not supposed to need forgiving because they’re not supposed to mistreat their children. And when they do something really horrible—something that leaves indelible emotional or physical wounds—forgiveness seems impossible. But to God all things are possible. And forgiveness is what He does and what helps His children to do.

But how does a victimized child set about forgiving the parent who hurt them? How does one let go of the hatred and anger towards the person who was supposed to protect from pain not inflict it? Fields and Hubbard discuss the complex issues of forgiveness and map out a simple path to follow.

Candidly drawing from personal experiences as well as using examples from fellow-sufferers Fields and Hubbard explain that whether the hurtful parent shows remorse and has a change of heart or not, forgiveness is needed for the victim’s own peace of mind. Forgiving once and for all is the only way to freedom.

Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers is scheduled for release in January 2014. You can already order it from most online bookstores. It makes a great tool for anyone who struggles to forgive their parents or for those coming alongside others who are bitterly affected by any form of parental abuse.

To learn more about forgiveness from a biblical perspective, find a good, Bible-based church in your area and get involved. Forgiveness is the heart of God’s message.

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