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They Murdered My Friend…And No One Said A Thing!

It was Sunday, November 14, 2010, the night before Pastor Michel Loua was to be freed from a two-week incarceration in a filthy West African prison cell where he was being held without warrant or trial.

Pastor Michel Loua

It was also time for the installation of a newly elected president, one whose “election” had been the subject of protests and revolts due to the oppressive French Muslim regime it perpetuated.

Under cover of night, soldiers were sent to the prison where Pastor Michel was chained like an animal. They tortured him, and shot him through the heart. Afterwards, they dragged his battered body to a hospital and dumped it there. Was there a crime committed that led to his arrest? Was there a trial where evidence of any wrong doing was presented and proven? Was there even a phony kangaroo court where lies and false witnesses framed him? None whatsoever! No, it wasn’t even an execution, it was just plain old murder, and no one said a thing!

What had he done? Was he a terrorist? Surely he must be more dangerous than Bin Ladin, for even Bin Laden would have been given a trial. Was he a mass murderer? Saddam Hussein had a trial. Had he abused or exploited anyone? Did he run a huge drug cartel? Was he on a most wanted or most dangerous list? Why were they so afraid of having this man free the next morning? What did he know that made his freedom so dangerous? What kind of political or economic threat could he possibly pose?

Unfortunately, the only crime Michel Loua was guilty of was having a heart for his people—to see his family’s village saved from annihilation and the brutality and corruption of Guinea’s puppet government ended. The only “evidence” anyone could have possibly dug up on this man of valor was that he was a faithful pastor and church builder, and that he could not be bought or bribed or silenced as so many others are on a daily basis by the regime manipulated by FrancAfrique.

But have you seen any news of this innocent bloodshed, this outrage on television, or hear about it on the radio, or read about it in any newspaper? Oh, that’s right, because no one said a thing!

Pastor Michel was arrested and taken to a prison on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, where he was held in spite of the filing of the requisite documents to bring him to a court and show evidence of any charges. Protests by a number of Guinean attorneys went unheeded.

Calls to the US State Department were casually dismissed since he was not a US citizen, even though his youngest child had been born in Texas some four years earlier. Calls and emails were sent to our own Congressman. I personally called the American Consulate in Conakry, the capitol of Guinea, all by October 28, 2010, but no one said a thing!

How did this all transpire? Why was Pastor Loua held for three weeks, then beaten and tortured before being shot through the heart? Is this an indication of the type of treatment awaiting the Guinean people going forward by this strongly French supported presidential candidate, Alpha Conde? According to our sources, it was President Sekouba Konate who sent the soldiers to the prison where Pastor Michel Loua was chained. Could it be, as some have suggested, that Sekouba Konate made a human sacrifice of Pastor Michel Loua as he gave the presidency to Alpha Conde?

Scene inside a prison in Guinea

While ethnic violence is certainly not something new in the country, the targeted nature of the directives left little doubt as to the source of the orders. Whether the outgoing interim leader or the incoming president ordered the murder is yet unclear. We may never know the full truth about those who bear responsibility for this brutal murder. What we do know is that the need for those to stand and intervene for the people of Guinea has never been greater. What is certain is that a man of peace who was passionate for his people was silenced, and no one said a thing.

What would cause world powers to practice turning a blind eye to such blatant behavior? Surely not economic interests, particularly those of countries whose prior actions have consistently proven to be guided solely by their own self interests. How, or why, could such tragic and blatant human cruelty be allowed, while no one says a thing?

We pray for the family of Pastor Loua and we pray his death will not have been in vain. We pray that his innocent blood that went into the ground of Africa would bring forth a revival that will forever change the lives and future of the many African citizens who live daily under the shadows of fear and suffering.

May God grant his soul rest and Shalom!

You may contact Dr. Houck at dr.rhouck@gmail.

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