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The Power of ’People Power’

Dick Innes, Founder/Director of ACTS International, recounts the following story, taken from the Rev. Steve Jackson’s Sermon: “Come and See.”

Dick and Joy Innes

“A Mercedes TV commercial a few years ago showed a Mercedes crashing into a concrete wall during a safety test? An engineer in a white lab coat walks over after the crash and kneels down to examine the damage, which is minimal. A reporter then asks the engineer about Mercedes’ energy absorbing car body. After the engineer tells all about the unique design, the reporter asks him why Mercedes doesn’t enforce their patent on the design, a design evidently copied by several other companies because of its success.

“The engineer then replied matter-of-factly, ‘Because some things in life are too important not to share.’”

Innes said, “How true this is. There are many things in life that fall into this too important not to share category, such as advances in science, medicine, and technology. But all of these pale in importance to that of sharing the gospel.”

Australian-born Innes, who now lives in San Clemente, California, agrees in that the gospel message of Jesus Christ is “ar too important not to share.”

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“ACTS has been publishing the gospel for the past four decades, the first three of which were primarily via the printed page,” he told the ASSIST News Service (ANS). “For the past decade it has been primarily via the electronic media which, without question, is a worldwide communications revolution.

“This revolution has made it possible to share the gospel with mega thousands of people overnight in an incredibly economic fashion compared to all other previous means of communication.”

Furthermore, he says, this has made it possible for even the most “timid Christian” to be involved in reaching others for Christ in a non-confronting and non-threatening way. To help them do this simply, attractively, and effectively, Innes has started a People Power for Jesus movement. He believes that people power has the power to impact and change the world for Jesus Christ—one person at a time.

As another has said, “When many people each do a little, together we can accomplish great feats for God.”

Innes went on to say, “It is an indisputable fact that the masses have great power. As Richard Halverson, who served as the Chaplain of the United States Senate from February 2, 1981 until December 31, 1994, pointed out, ‘People Power’ is a mighty force! Even in business if people don’t buy a particular product no matter how good it is, it goes off the market. It’s as simple as that.

“People have the power to close down any operation—or prosper it! For example, pornography prevails because enough people want it, buy it, watch it, listen to it, and read it. It is extremely profitable because countless people prosper it!

“People Power has also prospered the tobacco industry, the liquor industry, the movie industry, the abortion ‘industry’ and a hundred thousand other products and industries—some of great value, some of little or no value whatsoever, and some that are totally destructive of individuals, families, and society.”

Innes went on to say, “Some years ago one soft drink company—made prosperous by people power—had a goal to give everybody in the world a taste of their product in a matter of a few years. As a result today just about anywhere you go around the world you can see the familiar insignia of Coca-Cola.”

As Innes pointed out, Christians have had the “Water of Life” for 2,000 years and still millions of people around the world have never had a chance to drink of the water that Jesus offered the woman at the well. To her he said, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:13-14, NIV).

He says that one of the most effective and powerful ways Christians today can help share the “Water of Life” with people worldwide is via people power.

“God’s people today have the power to prosper the spreading of the gospel as never before in all human history,” he went on to say. “This can be done via the electronic media. It is staggering just how the electronic media has become a worldwide revolution.”

The ACTS International U.S. office has only two staff members: Joy, Dick’s wife, and himself.

“In any given month,” Innes said, “we have visitors to our websites from 194 countries and territories. We also have 340,000+ worldwide subscribers to Daily Encounter, a weekday inspirational (devotional) that not only shares the gospel but offers practical helps for enriched personal living. As a result, we are seeing salvation and re-commitment to Jesus Christ responses every day of the year. These response-decisions have come from 128 countries that we know about.”

With mega-thousands of Christians daily on e-mail, the web, blogs, iPhones, etc., it is extremely simple to forward suitable copies of web articles, and email messages such as Daily Encounters— which are written in a non-preachy style, in non-churchy language, and apply the gospel and Christian message to the felt needs of readers.

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You can read more about People Power for Jesus and find practical helps online at:

“To date, 2,457 people have signed up to join the ACTS People Power for Jesus movement!” said Dick Innes.

You can also read more about Daily Encounter online at:

In addition, an updated copy of Dick’s best seller book, “I Hate Witnessing—a Handbook for Effective Christian Communications,” is also on sale at

“This book has been used in several colleges in courses on evangelism,” Dick Innes added.

As Billy Graham once said: “I am convinced that the greatest act of love we can ever perform for people is to tell them about God’s love for them in Christ.”

Dan Wooding, Assist News Service

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