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“The Mission Field Becoming a Missions Force”

The theme was, “The Mission Field Becoming a Missions Force.” Joining Culpepper on the Webcast were three of the regional field directors for the Church of God, including Ken Anderson who serves the Far East, Fedlyn Beason, field director for the Caribbean, and David Ramirez representing Latin America.

L-R: Raymond Culpepper, Tim Hill, Fedlyn Beason.

The monthly Webcast led by Church of God General Overseer Dr. Raymond Culpepper was viewed live by a large global audience on Tuesday, February 7.

“One of the most fulfilling subjects for me to talk about is world missions,” Culpepper shared with his co-host Tim Hill, first assistant general overseer of the Church of God. “I am thankful for the commitment to the Great Commission and I am thankful for what is happening in our church.” Hill echoed the sentiment by stating, “Out of 7 billion people, approximately one-third do not know the Lord…but every six hours a new Church of God is started somewhere in the world.” Hill also noted finishing the Great Commission by using the acronym FINISH: Find, Intercede, Nurture, Invest, Serve, Honor.

Each of the three guests shared stories of recent events in their regions illustrating how God is at work in each one.

“I am intrigued by what God is doing around the world,” Ken Anderson said.

Fedlyn Beason stated, “Church of God missionaries made disciples of the native people,” referring to the beginning of Church of God world missions more than a century ago in the Bahamas.

David Ramirez noted the educational explosion in the Latin American countries saying, “There is a great educational network with every country having at least two bible schools/colleges sponsored by the Church of God.”

Culpepper prayed with the regional leaders after asking each of them how is the best and most strategic way to pray for them. “God has raised up the Church of God for such a time as this,” Culpepper concluded.

The response to the Webcast was so great that the Internet server was unable to support everyone who tried to log on. “This is apparently the most that have ever tried to view the Web cast live, because this has not happened in the past,” stated Cameron Fisher, coordinator of communications and internet ministries for the Church of God. “This is the same server that has been used since the inception of the Webcast and the problem arose simply because too many tried to log on. It is a good problem to have and one that will be corrected by the next Webcast, scheduled for March 6.” Fisher stated that those who missed or were unable to join the live Webcast can log on to and click on the Media Center icon. The Webcast is scheduled to be available for viewing no later than Thursday morning.

February 8, 2012

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