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The Legendary Chuck Girard to Appear June 30 at The Upper Room in Mission Viejo, California

Never mind he had top twenty hits back in the 60’s with The Castells and The Hondells. Today, Chuck Girard is best known as a legend of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). In the early 1970’s along friends, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax and John Mayall Girard formed the group Love Song. They revolutionized Christian music and gave birth to a whole new music form in the church that is still going strong today.

Chuck Girard with Karen Lafferty at ‘A Look at The Jesus Movement’

Chuck Girard first found notoriety in the 60’s secular rock music scene with hits such as “So This is Love” with the Castells. He gained even bigger notoriety he landed a number 1 hit with the iconic song called “Little Honda”, which was written by Beach Boy Brian Wilson and performed by the Hondells with Girard on lead vocals.

As the heady days of the 60’s continued and the “free-love” generation came of age, Girard began to realize his need for God and began a five-year search for spiritual reality through psychedelic drugs and eastern religions. His search ended when he came to a faith in Christ in a then small church in Costa Mesa, California, called Calvary Chapel. It was then that Girard along with his friends formed Love Song. They became the first group to play rock oriented “Christian music” and went on to set unmatched precedents in that pave the way for such CCM notables as Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Casting Crowns and countless others.

Love Song gained international popularity and were instrumental in the 1970’s revival known as The Jesus Movement. During his time in Love Song, Chuck wrote many of the anthems of that era with songs such as “Welcome Back”, “Front Seat, Back Seat”, “Feel the Love” and “Little Country Church”.

When Love Song disbanded in 1974, Girard continued to minister as a solo artist and that same year released his first album simply titled “Chuck Girard.” This album included his most renowned song, the timeless classic “Sometimes Alleluia” and “Rock & Roll Preacher”. He has since released many solo albums and has toured world sharing his music and teaching on the subject of worship.

His most current release, “Evening Shadows”, is a sequel to his earlier work “Voice of the Wind” which captures the anointing as he leads worship in a spontaneous session. The live tapes are embellished with beautiful sounds to create one of the most intimate worship experiences ever recorded. Pastor Jack Hayford said of Chuck’s album Written on the Wind, “I have never encountered a more sensitive invitation to or dynamic entrance into an intimate experience in worshipping God than via Chuck Girard’s Voice of the Wind”.

At the urging of Chuck Smith and the purchasing of their musical catalog by Calvary Chapel, Love Song has reunited and has been touring the country along with Smith. Additionally, in 2010, Girard wrote and recorded a song called “The Heart of America” and filmed an accompanying video. The song is a call to prayer for our country based on the scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Girard will make a rare Southern California appearance this month at The Upper Room Christian Coffeehouse in Mission Viejo. “This is going to be a rare opportunity to see Chuck perform many of his old classics” said Ron Strand, founder of The Upper Room.

“In fact, the Upper Room’s house band will be backing Chuck on some of his more upbeat numbers that he has not been able to play without a full band” said Strand.

This will be Girard’s fourth appearance at The Upper Room. He was ther once as a solo act in 2010 and another time later that same year with Love Song. He also appeared as a guest panelist in 2011 when The Upper Room hosted an event called “A Look at The Jesus Movement”. Other notables at the event included Andrae & Sandra Crouch, Barry McGuire, Karen Lafferty, Mike MacIntosh and Tom Stipe.

“Girard, and Love Song not only defined a soundtrack for such a vital time in the Church history called The Jesus Movement, but his music was also very instrumental in my Christian experience after I became a Christian in the seventies.” Chuck has become a great friend and we are excited to welcome him back at The Upper Room this month” said Strand.

Seats are still available for this event and may be obtained by visiting the Upper Room’s website at

Note from Dan Wooding: Chuck Girard will be my special guest for an entire hour on His Channel Live on Tuesday, June 26, from 6-7 PM Pacific Time. You can watch the show by going to

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