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The Extraordinary Ministry of Evangelist Jeri Lynn Murphy

Jeri Lynn Murphy is an anointed Evangelist, a servant of the Lord, confident in her God and who she is in Him. In the midst of her own confusion, grief and pain, she can now stand and declare that Jesus is all faithful, honorable and trustworthy. Pain, heartache and misery will become like waters that pass by, if we allow Jesus to enter into our crisis. God wants us to be more than conquerors in His Name.” Her Ministry is called, “Seasons of God Ministries.”

Evangelist Jeri Lynn Murphy is a chosen vessel of the Lord to bring the winds of the Holy Spirit to declare emancipation, liberation and freedom. It is her mission to uncover the darkness of those who have become prey to the enemy because of their situations or wrong choices in life.

Seasons of God Ministries is a non-profit organization reaching out nationally and internationally to those who have become paralyzed in the situations of their pass. God wants to bring each one of us out of the winter weather, where it is cold, brutal and painful and many become frozen in time. God wants to move us forward in a new season of life, in the land of the living.”

If you would like to support Seasons of God Ministries go to Evangelist Jeri Lynn is looking forward in coming to minister to your congregation. She is prepared to do crusades, seminars and conferences, but she needs you to stand with her in prayer and finances.

For more information, contact Evangelist Jeri Lynn Murphy at 817-374-3317 or email –

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