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The Conditional Release of Two Detained Iranian Christians from Karoon Prison in Ahvaz

Two new Christian believers who were arrested by security agents and spent more than 63 days in Karoon prison of Ahvaz were conditionally released after posting a combined bail of $100,000 USD.

According to sources close to Mohabat News (, the Iranian Christian news agency, the temporary release of these prisoners of conscience from custody coincides with the recent conditional freedoms granted to political and security-risk prisoners.
Mostafa Shokrollahi and Khalil Yarali, who were arrested in January of 2011 by the security agents and held in custody in Karoon prison of Ahvaz were released after 63 days in detention.
Ahvaz is the capital of the oil-rich province of Khuzestan and is about 543 miles Southwest of Tehran.
The conditional released was allowed after each defendant posted a bond of approximately $50,000 USD.
Sources familiar with this case have informed Mohabat News that the court hearing for these two individuals will be held next month.
“In light of the fact that currently these individuals have been charged with national security crimes, it is possible that they may be sentenced to prison terms of between 2-5 years,” said a spokesperson for Mohabat News.
“Mostafa Shokrollahi was arrested on January 15, 2011 concurrent with the wave of arrested and repressive measures that were enacted by the government to crack down on the activities of Christians in Tehran and cities all over Iran.
“Khalil Yarali, another Christian man arrested at the same time, was taken to the main offices of the Ministry of Information and subsequently detained at an unknown location,” added the spokesperson.

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