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The Church of God is developing a new social media strategy

The Church of God is developing a new social media strategy which will strengthen the popular social media sites connected with the denomination, plus add a new conversation platform under the name

The new social platform will be centered upon conversations in the Church of God movement. It is being built around three primary emphases: Grow, Learn, and Conversation.

The latest figures reveal that the number of people on Facebook around the globe now tops one billion, while more than one billion “tweets” are sent out every week on Twitter.
A social media presence of the Church of God has been in place since the medium has been part of mainstream society. The Facebook page of the denomination has over 53,000 “likes,” and the conversation on Twitter at the handle @COGHQ has been on-going. The concept being unveiled in the next few weeks takes the “conversation” to a new level with the introduction of #OURCOG.

Mark Williams, who was elected general overseer of the Church of God less than three months ago, has enthusiastically endorsed the progression.

“As a movement it is our desire to always be prepared to answer Christ’s call, wherever it may be found,” Williams stated. “No other Christian denomination has built anything like this…it is truly monumental. Some of the leading voices (in social media and platform creation) are from within our denomination.”

Second Assistant General Overseer J. David Stephens heads the committee tasked with developing the new social media platform.

“One of the strong points that has always bound the Church of God together is our connectivity,” Stephens said. “We are constantly communicating with one another in a familial bond of conversation, whether it be about our families, our churches, or the Harvest. This new OURCOG platform is designed to strengthen those bonds and keep the conversation going to uplift each other and the Kingdom.”

In anticipation of the launch of the platform, a splash page has been posted at where interested persons can sign up to be informed via email when the platform is officially launched.

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