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The aggressions by disinformation

In its Editorial, “The Enablers”, the New York Times (2/14/2012) writes that “President Bashar al-Assad showed again his willingness to use brutal force to crush the pro-democracy opposition”. It is also accusing Russia, China and India to be the “enablers” of Syria and Iran as ‘rogue’ states (George W. Bush beloved qualification).

This New York Times’ “truth” is contradicted by the facts that we witness in and from Lebanon. The facts are that arms and Islamic fighters are financed and sent into Syria from all its frontiers with Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and even Israel. In Lebanon, the Lebanese army is trying to stop the arms and fighters’ flow into Syria, but had to stop internecine fighting in Tripoli between Sunni extremists and the Lebanese who do not want Lebanon to be drawn into a new confessional civil war. Already Al Qaeda in Iraq has blown governmental buildings in Damascus and Aleppo, showing that there is a sedition triggered from external countries. The proof is that the fighting is in peripheral cities like Homs (near Lebanon), Idlib (near Turkey), Deir Ez Zoor (near Iraq), Deraa (near Israel), and not in Damascus or Aleppo provinces that are central and contain two thirds of the Syrian population.
The UN and the West are not trying to protect the Syrian people, but with the help of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, they are doing their utmost to overthrow the Syrian regime, because, in its resistance to Israel, it is allied to Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran. Not only that, they want to open the way to the flow of the Gulf’s oil and gas to Europe to replace the oil and gas it is buying from Russia.
But, in doing so, the West is creating a playing ground for Al Qaeda and other extremists, including Islamist Turkey, the latter hoping, by using Islamic puppets, among them Libyan fighters, to retake its former Ottoman empire, which is dangerous for Russia, the world and Israel. If the Syrian regime is overthrown the probability is that it will replaced by an extremist Islamic theocracy leaded from Turkey; the latter will reach then the Golan Heights in its drive towards the Gulf and Africa.
It is sure that Russia is worried to see Turkey becoming stronger and more ambitious, especially that it can destabilize Russia with its influence on its Moslem Turkish speaking populations. Let’s not forget that the installation of the missile shield in Turkey has been looked at as an aggressive move.
As for Iran, the West is playing with fire, because it is trying to starve Iran’s population and thus pushing it to attack in the Gulf as Roosevelt has forced Japan to attack at Pearl Harbor. The price of oil will reach extreme heights. The US will react militarily which will force Russia and China to enter the fray.
So, Russia, China and India, are being wise against foolish western policies that could trigger disasters reaching even a new world war.
Roger Akl

8600, SW, 87 Avenue, Miami, FL33173, USA

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PS: Roger AKL is a former Lebanese navy officer, former Assistant armed Forces Attaché at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington D.C., former Second in Command of the Lebanese Navy (1981- 1984) and former head of the Lebanese liaison bureau with the American forces in Lebanon (1983-1984), former chairman, CEO and director of the board of companies in the INTRA Investment group (1984-1990). Currently he is a writer in Middle Eastern affairs.

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