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Teda People of Chad

by CN

“Look out!” the Teda man screamed, pulling his son clear of the daggers the women were swinging at one another. “We must let them be,” the man said to the boy. Such is common among both men and women who belong to this group of “desert warriors” of the eastern and central Sahara Desert. Teda women usually carry daggers, and the men do not interfere when they see two women fighting. Among the 50,300 Tedas, also known as Tubus, rough sports and violence are common. Violent clashes with neighboring tribes are also familiar among them. In the home, the man generally leads the family, yet if he challenges his wife’s authority on certain matters, she may beat him. A wife often does not feel loved by her husbands unless he beats her. Their harsh environment makes them a tough people group.

They control caravan routes passing through their territory, and often they plunder the caravans traversing the routes. With little interest in farming, most of the Tedas are herdsmen.

While about one-third are nomads, the rest are semi-nomadic and return to their villages during the rainy season.

Primarily Muslim, the Teda follow the Islamic calendar. Yet, they still mix their animistic beliefs with their Islamic practices.

Ask God to send tough, but loving laborers to work among the Teda people. Pray that they will soon have God’s Word in their own language. Pray that the Tedas will decide to follow the Prince of Peace, and end their violent ways.

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