TBI Urges Churches to Hold a Talking Bible Sunday

Talking Bibles International is urging local churches to observe an annual Talking Bible Sunday. Talking Bibles International (TBI) says a Talking Bible Sunday helps churches become aware of the millions who do not read, and the new possibilities to give non readers access to their translated Scriptures via Talking Bibles.

In a news release made available to the ASSIST News Service, TBI said on a Talking Bible Sunday an entire congregation is made aware of millions of non-literate people for whom the New Testament has already been translated, but are unable to read a printed copy.

The news release said TBI and other audio Bible ministries (such as the Albuquerque based Faith Comes by Hearing) are committed to audio record every translated New Testament version, and make them available in an appropriate digital listening device giving non readers access to the Bible.

TBI said a Talking Bible Sunday is intended to do for non readers what the well known Gideon Bible Sunday does for those who read.

TBI said in the news release that many churches need a special Sunday to learn more about how God is blessing non readers when they receive God’s translated Word in a listening device like the Talking Bible.

On a TB Sunday, an entire congregation learns how people are coming to a saving relationship with Christ because of their hearing a Talking Bible speaking to them in their own language.

According to the news release, the call for an annual Talking Bible Sunday is gaining momentum. Increasing numbers of local churches are holding such an event.

Sometimes an outside speaker is possible, TBI said, but many are having one of their own members make the presentation.

The information packet from TBI also includes a Talking Bible to demonstrate on a Talking Bible Sunday. In addition, after a TB Sunday the church is invited to keep that same Talking Bible for use in its own care giving ministry among its own members.

On a Talking Bible Sunday, an entire congregation gets involved. Attendees are encouraged to pray for the audio Bible movement, and there’s also a special offering.

The news release said the church can designate its offering to provide Talking Bibles in a language for people in which its members may have a special interest, or they can make their donation available to provide Talking Bibles wherever they are needed most.

The news release said, “Every church holding a Talking Bible Sunday makes an essential difference for those still waiting to receive their Talking Bible.”

For more information visit www.talkingbibles.org

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