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SYRIA : “To Stop the Killing, Deal With Assad”

At last I have found a well-balanced article about Syria: ”To Stop the Killing, Deal With Assad” (New York Times, 4/10/2012).

Roger AKL

If I do not agree with all the contents of the article, I, at least, agree with the title. The only way to stop the killing is to deal with the Syrian government. It is not reasonable to ask the security forces to withdraw when, in the meantime, the sedition fighters are in the streets and have already taken advantage of an earlier withdrawal to attack the majority of the Syrians who do not agree with them and support the government.

The first duty of any government is to protect the security of its citizens much more than obeying Security Council decisions that are interpreted to suit the opposition and Western powers. How can you ask the security forces to withdraw while letting 48 hours to the opposition to stop fighting?

These 48 hours could be used to take more and more towns by force and oppression; we should not forget that the opposition is a fanatic branch of Sunni Islam represented by the Moslem Brothers, the Wahhabi, the Salafis and Al Qaeda. It is financed and armed by dictatorial Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Islamic Turkey.

Do you think that the Syrians will be better off under Saudi-like rules? The writers of this article are right to say that you have first to agree with Assad on a timetable acceptable to all before asking the Syrian forces to withdraw from towns where they have to protect their own.

Roger Akl

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