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Sydonie Elandi : Reaction to the November 2015 Paris attacks

It is no use recalling the dreadful events we witnessed these last weeks, and which have spelt dread and a lot of commotion around. A lot of ink has flowed, comments are still going on regarding what could be done, what is being done, what is still to be done, or better still what ought to be done. Tears have flowed too, many are bereaved, some lost relatives (close ones, friends, classmates or colleagues), what a mess! Too much sorrow.

Sydonie Elandi is a French Translator/Conference Interpreter (English – Spanish).

Sydonie Elandi is a French Translator/Conference Interpreter (English – Spanish).

The point I would like to raise here is, where does the christian fit in this scene? Which stand does the genuine child of God take amid such confusion? Must we sluggishly wait for things to get worser? Where have we put our light, for Jesus said: “Ye are the light of the world”?
One thing is certain, as the Word of God holds it, the world won’t get any better, evil shall increase for satan rages knowing his hour is near; but christians are the hope in a hopeless earth. Jesus Christ the same yesterday (when things appeared to be good), today (despite the rampant evil), and forever (though tomorrow may seem bleak to some). For as long as Jesus is alive and enthroned (and he will never renounce His throne), there is still hope, there is still something to be done!

We aren’t here by chance, we are here for such hard times as these, to watch and labour in prayer, intercession, evangelism and all we can do to bring Jesus, the love of God to a world in total disarray .

The power was released and entrusted to us, we have the answer facing an utterly distressed, dismayed world. We have the opportunity to make history; till when shall we look like mere spectator? And yet, we received not a spirit of weakness ans shyness, ours is a Spirit of boldness and courage, the Father’s given Spirit.
It is our responsibility, we are responsible for this bloodshed because we haven’t prayed enough, we have been slack, we fail to watch over our neighbour. Shall we wait till the suicide bomber strikes or knocks at the door of our house, office, business or the school of our children? And what of church premises? No one is spared, it is the Holy Ghost keeping us, but if we fail to allow Him move, His action will be meaningless.

Let us awake, Children of the Kingdom! We have a message for the lost, the right message for this hour! Any human (individuals, stars, governments, UN, Ngos…) effort is limited and will definitely not yield lasting outcome, if any; and neither will they settle this issue on a lasting basis… This is a spiritual warfare, and we have been given weapons, tremendously efficient ones. Let us get to work! It is about time we came out with holy indignation to fight the good fight! The devil isn’t out to joke, he wants to take as many as we leave to him; yet Jesus died not in vain, we have to go for the dying souls of men, the harvest is ripe and it is being plundered, scattered and spoilt by the enemy; where are the workers, what are they busy doing at this very serious hour? Each one of us is responsible.

SydonieELANDI,-traductrice-interprète-chrétienneWhere do we go from here? Relevant question, isn’t it? We have to get to action, effective action, now. We need to go on our knees more than ever before, in fervent intercession. We need to reach out in evangelism with much compassion, we can always have the time if we so wish. We need to watch day in day out, anticipate for God would have revealed the hidden schemes of the kingdom of darkness to us. We need to come to grips with the evil heaping around, to least to serve God’s purpose for this generation.

Now is the hour to take the whole armour of God and use it: the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the breatplate of righteousness, the belt of truth and the shoes of the zeal of evangelism, the sword in your hand which is the word of God. What else need we? We are mightily equiped, ready and set for the job!
Today is the day for the Church of Christ to network and join forces in the nations around the world, stop competing and fighting one another as has been the case for some. The Church has a common ennemy, the devil an his angels (evil spirits).

The real stake revealed by the current events is the war being waged against the Church, the Bride and Body of Christ as a whole. No wonder, it is the devil masterminding it all and manipulating human beings, inspiring them to reach his wicked goals against the human race. Satan is the ennemy we have to fight, remenber, it is not against flesh and blood.

Jesus said He will build his Church and the gates of the hades shall not prevail against Her, this word cannot be broken, but we all have our part to play! The Church must stand and prevail in Jesus’ name!

Sidonie-ElandiWe are accountable, we are the custodians of this world, get started as soon as possible in your family, your neighbourhood, your job site, your business circle, social networks, in the streets, wherever you happen to find yourself, your contribution matters! Wisdom was given you to know how to go about this work. Ours is a King of glory, He came to save the lost souls of men, and his salvation plan is still on, we are his hand, his feet and his voice, is that not a great honour granted us?

Yesterday in France , it was same sex wedding, today is terrorrism, what is next to come? We heard about mali and all other places around the world where christians are being threatened, and even killed for their faith, population massacred for no reason; no, we christians cannot watch helplessly, and suffer circumstances, we have to take action, quick, strategic and efficient one!

We are more than warned, what else must we see to be aware? Our Heavenly Father is watching us, His angels ore set to support us. We have the yam and the knife, it is up to us to act, now.

Forewarned is forearmed, never forget this!


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