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SRI LANKA: Pastor and Wife Assaulted by Mob

A pastor and his wife were attacked recently in Deniyaya, Sri Lanka, while returning from a church member’s home.

A mob of about 40 men, along with five Buddhist monks and a local government authority, approached the pastor and his wife, shouting, “Attack them … kill them!”

The pastor was assaulted and accused of spreading Christianity in the area. He and his wife were then dragged to the home of the woman they had just visited, where the mob shouted at the woman and demanded to know how much she was paid to convert to Christianity.

She replied that she had become a Christian based on conviction and was not paid to do so. The pastor was beaten again, but he and his wife managed to escape. He suffered injuries to his legs and body.

Pray that the pastor’s attackers will find Christ, and pray for the healing and restoration of the pastor and his wife.

Source: VOM Contacts, World Evangelical Alliance

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