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Special Church of God Prayer Initiative Begins Today

As reported earlier on Faith News, today begins the “30 Days of Prayer – Awakening and Action!” in the Church of God. A special graphic on the Church of God Web site is filled with resources for the local church or area-wide prayer coordinator to follow a step-by-step plan of implementing a prayer program that can begin this month, but continue from there.

Each state leadership team in the Church of God and every local church is encouraged to plan their own special emphasis from the multiple on-line resources.  Included on the prayer initiative link at are schedules, study guides, devotional suggestions and a video from General Overseer Raymond F. Culpepper.

P. Douglas Small , liaison for Church of God Prayer Ministries, is directing the nationwide, month-long emphasis. Each week has a theme and will be observed as follows:

Wednesday Themes:

September 1 The Priority of Brokenness (Personal Repentance)
September 8 The Place of the Solemn Assembly – The Church (Corporate Repentance)
September 15 The Prerogative of Servants – They Can Go Anywhere! The Servant Heart – Access to Power.
September 22 The Privilege of Sharing God’s Love – Witness!
September 29 The Power of Living by God’s Principles – Discipleship!

Sunday Themes:

September 5 – Seeing His Face. A call to holiness, humility, brokenness and transparency.
September 12 – Sensing His Heart for the World. A call to see the harvest, to consider the area around us our mission field.
September 19 – Serving by Demonstrating His Love. A call to care. A call to make a difference in neighbors. A call to be missional.
September 26 – Sharing by Declaring His Truth (the Gospel). A call to evangelize, to share our faith, to witness to friends, to talk openly about faith in ways that solicit search hearts to enquire of His goodness.

Saturday Action Ideas:

September 4: Prayer-walk your church facility and campus. Gather your intercessors and leaders. Call for purity of heart and brokenness!
September 11: Prayer-walk your city. Join in Noon-time “Cry Out America!” rallies on courthouse steps
September 18: Compassion Action. Conduct a “We Care!” campaign. Do special projects
September 25: Give the gift of prayer! Look for open hearts with whom to share the gospel. Target evangelism efforts!

Some of the sermon/teaching resources include PowerPoint presentations. There are also discussion sheets, two Solemn Assembly manuals, with a Solemn Assembly program simplified. There are two programs for public gatherings for the Cry Out America event scheduled for Saturday, September 11. An 8-Day devotional guide by Claude King, called Consecrate the People is available in PDF format.

“With these resources, a church can draw from a collage of varied activities and teaching resources on prayer and prayer-evangelism,” said Small. Contributors include: David Cooper, Samuel Santana, Keeney Dickenson, Claude King, John Franklin, Henry Blackaby, Charles Fischer, Leonard Albert, Pam Brewer, Mike Chapman, Doug Small and more.

“There are ideas for prayer walking your church facility and your community, conducting a praise parade, a solemn assembly, prayer for your children and your family, a family altar dedication – so many resources,” Small went on to say. “Due to our limited budget, these have to be downloaded and it may take some time for pastors to pick through the resources.”

Several state or regions throughout the Church of God have committed to the initiative at the state level. Some of the suggested activities include call for a gathering of intercessors, a day of prayer, a prayer caravan, prayer-walk church grounds or the state office, pray for the pastor and his family. Some state leaders are calling for a simultaneous state-wide prayer walk of cities and communities and/or a state-wide prayer conference call.

Other suggestions Small put forth for the September prayer initiative included conducting a blitz and a call to all pastors in the state to pray with them.

“Get them to post results about their prayer initiative on a forum board,” he said. “Start a state-wide prayer fellowship on FaceBook! Develop a list of lost preacher’s kids – and commit to call every one of their names in prayer during the 30-day period. Have teams of intercessors, in groups of 3-5, adopt a pastor, and pray for him in the 30 day season. Call for state-wide gatherings of men to pray. Call for women to gather and pray. Encourage couples to have prayer together in their homes. Use the materials, and encourage at least one family altar experience in every home. On Rosh-Hashanah, open churches for prayer all day. Put up a make-shift prayer station. Offer the gift of prayer – free prayer. You’d be surprised how many people want prayer. Encourage the kids to do a “Midnight Fire!” rally. Encourage “we care!” projects on the 3rd Saturday. Teach on evangelism. Conduct a prayer-evangelism outreach. The list is endless!”

To learn more about the September prayer emphasis and how you or your church can be involved, visit the Church of God Web site and click on the Prayer Initiative graphic.

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