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Showing of Sexually Explicit Video to British Kids Causes Furor

A British actor and his wife have had a small victory over the showing of a sexually explicit video to British youngsters, but they’re vowing to continue the fight.

Christopher Power

British actor Christopher Lee Power protested a few months ago against a shocking DVD produced by England’s Channel 4 called “Living and Growing,” which is being used in primary schools sex education for 7-11 year olds.

Christopher and his wife Pauline had received a letter from the school asking them to view “Living and Growing.” According to a news release obtained by ANS, the letter did not inform parents about the sexual intercourse scene section of the DVD, but instead said it would be about puberty.

The news release said the DVD includes a naked cartoon couple chasing each other around a bed with a feather before having sex in a number of positions.

It also features a narrator talking about physical changes during sex, which is described as “very exciting for both as they feel happy being together.” The voiceover promotes sex as “exciting” and “fun,” with a child’s voice saying the couple “look so happy together.”

Power said in the release, “A few weeks after sharing our concerns with the school and our local Member of Parliament (MP), I received an e-mail by mistake back in July from our local MP’s assistant. In the e-mail it said, ‘Know it’s awfully uncomfortable discussion to have, but think we need to get a position sooner than later … Stop giggling in the back.’He was sending it to Alison McGovern our MP, but it came to us instead.”

Power said he contacted as many people as he could to make them aware of the e-mail, as he was upset by the way the MP’s office had acted.

“We wanted an apology from Alison McGovern as this e-mail had upset us,” said Power.

According to the news release, Power and his wife have finally received an apology from Alison McGovern, and even heard from Westminster.

Power said in the release, “Pauline and I had a meeting with Alison McGovern and the outcome was that she agreed that ‘Informed Consent’ was vital in schools when it was dealing with sensitive issues such as sex education.”

Power said McGovern agreed that “the letters that were sent out to parents regarding ‘Living and Growing,’were misleading and that the school should make the letters clearer about the contents of (the DVD), so parents have knowledge of the material their children were watching.

The news release said Higher Bebington Junior School and the Education Department in Wirral, UK also had a meeting with Power and his wife. It was agreed that the school would be looking at changing the way parents were informed, such as relevant information on letters to inform parents of what material children would be viewing if it related to sex education.

Power added, “The school also realized that there was a lack of communication between parents and teachers over ‘Living and Growing.’ For example. Once parents had viewed the DVDs, if they weren’t happy with ‘Living and Growing,’ then who could they approach? On the day that Pauline and I viewed the ‘How Babies Are Made’ (section), there was no mention of the procedure if we disagreed with what we viewed.”

The news release said the school agreed the scenes trivialized important messages and decided not to show the “How Babies Are Made” section of “Living and Growing.” School authorities said they are reviewing procedures concerning future use of this material.

According to the news release, Power and his wife are hoping that primary schools in the UK will follow suit. They said they will continue to campaign whilst schools in the UK continue to show explicit material to young children.

Power said, “We have had a small victory but the battle has yet to be won.”

Power’s training includes The Lee Strasberg Studio, Richmond Drama School and RADA. He has also appeared in soaps, such as “Coronation Street,” and acted many times on stage.

Both Power and his wife grew up in the Northern England shipbuilding town of Birkenhead, just across the River Mersey from Liverpool.

Those wishing to support Power and his campaign may e-mail him at

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