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Sex Trade With More Than One Million Child Prostitutes In India

The horror of child trafficking

India, A Source, Transit Nation And Destination For Child Prostitution And Sex Trade With More Than One Million Child Prostitutes In India

Around 1.2 million children are believed to be involved in prostitution in India.

According to the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) “human trafficking is a major problem” and they believe that 90 percent of human trafficking in India is “intra-country.”

According to Mr. Ashwani Kumar, head of the Central Bureau of Investigation said that India has occupied a “unique position” as what he called a source, transit nation and destination of this trade.

India’s home secretary Madhukar Gupta remarked that at least 100 million people were involved in human trafficking in India.

“The number of trafficked persons is difficult to determine due to the secrecy and clandestine nature of the crime.

“However, studies and surveys sponsored by the ministry of women and child development estimate that there are about three million prostitutes in the country, of which an estimated 40 percent are children,” a CBI statement said.

Prostitution in pilgrim towns, exploitation through sex tourism and pedophilia are some of the “alarming trends” that have emerged in recent years in India, it noted.

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James Varghese, Assist News

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  1. Ariel_Angel

    November 11, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    These beautiful, poor, innocent and defenseless children need desperately for some organization to step in and save them. They also need to help with such sites as petition for change in tougher laws to protect children and really tough penalities for these sick people who force children into prostitution and the sex trade. Sometimes I wonder what will happen in the future but I know that God and Jesus will keep good people working together from all parts of the world to help the defenseless children who are so horribly abused in all parts of the world. It happens in every country in the world and I have seen news stories from all over the world. It is so heartbreaking and makes me feel like crying for them all over again. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and know how the children feel somewhat. Through God and Jesus I have come a long way in my healing since I remembered about 6 years ago at 46 what happened to me as a child and with counselling from good people in the community. I will be writing letters to alot of people and missionaries who do all they can to save children from all kinds of abuses and this kind as well. Thank you for covering this story and I know there are others trying to find help for these children who are good and caring people whether they be Christian or non-Christian. God bless and keep covering these stories too so people will keep up to date and not forget these innocent and defenseless victims.

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