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Saved from Poison, Insanity

The villagers were contemplating poisoning Charu when Rohan Banerjee, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, stopped them.

Charu had become a danger and nuisance to his village after his mental sanity dissolved. Once a hard-working farmer, Charu had attracted the jealousy of some of his neighbors because of the wealth he accrued through his toils harvesting rice paddy. They retaliated by performing black magic on him, and he went crazy. His neighbors were no longer jealous—they were terrified.

Charu’s altered mental state made him violent. He would hold a knife and attempt to stab anyone who came near him. Once, he almost attacked his own wife, but she narrowly escaped. His family tied him to a post, but instead of subduing him, it made him more aggressive. So the villagers—including his own family—conspired to poison him.

As they were holding a meeting to decide what they should do with Charu,

Pastor Rohan and his team of fellow missionaries came to the village. Rohan told them not to harm Charu and assured them Jesus could heal him. So the villagers let Rohan take Charu away to pray for his deliverance. Although Charu attempted to harm Rohan multiple times, God protected the pastor.

Rohan eventually brought Charu to a prayer center led by Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Turanya Kahn. She and her team interceded for Charu for 15 days, after which he returned to his normal self. Due to his apparent recovery, they sent him home.

But a few months later, Charu started acting mentally unstable again. The missionaries took him to another prayer center, where missionary Kanjri Choudhuri prayed faithfully for him. By the end of one month, God had completely healed him.

God answered the prayers of the missionaries by restoring Charu to full mental sanity. Even more miraculous than this deliverance was Charu’s resulting decision: He and ten of his family members chose to follow Jesus. Pastor Rohan asks for prayer that Charu and his family will continue to live for Jesus.

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