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Russian Ministries calls for prayer for North Ossetia after latest suicide attack

As Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia was rocked by another terrorist attack today, when a suicide bomber from Ingushetia killed 16 people in a busy market place, Russian Ministries is calling for prayer for peace in this trouble region.

The scene of suicide bombing in Vladikavkaz

Latest reports say 133 people were injured, 87 hospitalised and ten are in critical condition. According to the BBC, “Bodies lay strewn and buildings were damaged by the explosion, which went off in a car packed with metal bars, bolts and ball bearings. People rushed to help the wounded.”

“I just spoke to our ministry leader in Vladikavkaz who says the region is in total shock and already young people are taking to the streets vowing revenge on Chechen militants,” said Russian Ministries’ Senior Vice President Sergey Rakhuba.

He added: “We have to pray for those who’ve lost their loved ones and for the families of those who are injured. We also have to pray for our ministry team there whom we call “Next Generation peacemakers.” This tragedy creates more opportunity to mobilise believers to continue reaching out with the message of peace, to minister to those who are injured and be peacemakers on behalf of God’s kingdom and use this opportunity for evangelism.”

This is the latest in a series of attacks that have devastated this region. Earlier this month the people of Beslan, just 15 miles from Vladikavkaz, marked the sixth anniversary of the school siege that claimed the lives of 330 children.

Rakhuba says: “There’s great worry in this area as more and more Islamic militants are becoming more active. Just yesterday there was an incident involving militants in Dagestan, and a pastor was killed there a few months ago when he was shot in the head right in front of his church. I’m so proud of our team there that, despite this violence, they continue reaching out to these people, offering them peace through the gospel.”

Ironically Rakhuba says this past summer, their ministry centre in Vladikavkaz sent several teams to Ingushetia, where the suicide bomber had come from: “Our teams went to Chechnya, taking a considerable risk, offering summer camps to those Muslim children there. They did a wonderful job, building relationships and sharing the love of Jesus. We need to pray that, during these troubled times, local believers can continue to bring about God’s peace and reconciliation.”

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