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Rupert Murdoch : another perspective ?

I’ve followed Rupert Murdoch as a publisher for the past 40 years. I do not know Mr. Murdoch personally, however, when I started publishing free weekly, community newspapers in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia, in the early 1970s, Mr. Murdoch owned one the local newspapers that I was competing against.

James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch give evidence to the department of culture, media and sport committee. (Photograph: BBC)

On and off, I have been a very small time competitor in the marketplace with him ever since; from print; through to the Internet. He was an aggressive competitor then; and still is today. He has also come a very long way, from being one of Australia’s leading publishers, as he was then, to where he is today, as the undoubted “king” of world media.

Throughout these past 40 years, I have disagreed with Rupert Murdoch on many occasions. As an openly committed Christian Conservative, I have disagreed with his support, at different times, for Socialist/Labor Parties that have enabled these entities to gain power and further their agendas. I was very disappointed when his two previous marriages broke up. I respect however, that, to my knowledge, Mr. Murdoch has never made his political or religious positions public. I also have no information about the nature of his former marriages.

Apart from this, I greatly appreciate what he has done as a publisher for the Church; and for Conservative causes. World Sport would also be much the poorer without Rupert Murdoch.

God only know where the world would be, in my opinion, without Fox News and his other media ventures. I am fully aware that his aquisitions can be described as very smart business decisions, especillay Fox News. He has obviously made a lot of money out of this and others, however, when we say this, we must acknowledge the considerable political heat that Mr. Murdoch has taken; which is difficult for any publisher to ignore. Hiring and keeping Glenn Beck on the air, as long as he did, will probably go down in publishing history as one of the truly game breaking decisions in the history of political media. Without Beck on Fox News, the Tea Party movement would almost certainly not have been as successful as it has been; and for this, I have to say that America and the world should be very grateful.

As for one of Mr. Murdoch’s newspapers in the UK being involved in “phone tapping”: like everyone else, I am appalled at this sort of activity. I also happen to believe that Rupert Murdoch would not condone such activity. He may be a lot of things, however, I do not believe that he is a fool; and for a man in his position to condone such activity (post Watergate and Richard Nixon), would be very foolish. It is more than I am prepared to believe on hearsay evidence. As the publisher however, “the buck stops” with him; and he must accept responsibility; as I believe he has, to the extent necessary.

Will this stop the hounds barking for Rupert Murdoch’s blood – no way! He is at the top of the “Most Wanted” list of every Socialist/Communist activist in the world today. In the weeks ahead, you can be sure that every left-leaning organization in the world will be out raising money for Rupert’s demise.

Will they win? I don’t think so. Now that Glenn Beck is gone, I believe that America’s left is satisfied that things are now back on an even keel. I doubt that under these circumstances that they will want to take on a public fight with Mr. Murdoch, at least not before the next Presidential election.

As Christians, what should we do? I agree that we should be praying hard for Rupert Murdoch and his family. I sincerely hope that it is not proven somehow that he was personally involved in anything illegal. It would be a very great blow against the causes of Christianity and Conservatism if this were to happen. I believe that we should also be praying hard for his son, James Murdoch who is the heir apparent. I pray that young James is looking, listening, and learning at this important time in his family’s long and illustrious history.

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