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Royal Weddings : William & Kate Middleton Are Married

Prince William and Kate Middleton are married.If you’re breathing somewhere in the world, chances are you have heard about a particular wedding happening in London. The last time I checked, the last nuptial ceremony that generated this much excitement was with Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Kate and William

I was a wee lad living in Albuquerque when the previous wedding occurred in July of 1981. And now I am a father of three—living back in Albuquerque—during this current spectacle. Like St. Patrick’s Day, when the whole world is Irish for a day, so too with this event: we are British for the day (or maybe the month—with all the news coverage being tossed our way).

The bottom line is that many people love royal (and particularly British) weddings.

But this is not an article about the British Royal Wedding. Rather, it’s about another “royal” wedding that just occurred, highlighted through ASSIST News Service: Rebecca St. James.

Before I discuss the uniqueness of her wedding, I must confess something to you: I don’t know much about her music. But I won’t let that stop me from acknowledging the beauty of what occurred in San Diego on April 23, 2011.

What makes Rebecca’s marriage to Jacob Fink unique is that she married the man of her dreams—with purity. Meaning, no sex happened prior to the marriage. Now hear me here: I’m not assuming anything about Kate or William. That’s none of my business.

But what I am applauding is the public nature of Rebecca’s purity stance. As Dan Wooding in his ASSIST News article, stated, “Included in the ceremony were special moments that included the couple’s exchange of the purity rings each had worn prior to their marriage.”

How cool and rare is this?

According to a news report written by Sharon Jayson for USA Today, “Almost all Americans have premarital sex, says a report published Tuesday that analyzes federal data over time and suggests programs focusing on sexual abstinence until marriage may be unrealistic.”

The article goes on to state, “Of those interviewed… 95% reported they had had premarital sex; 93% said they did so by age 30.”

With such large numbers showing a downward spiral for “waiting,” it truly is a wonderful thing to see a couple exchange purity rings. Well done, Rebecca and Jacob.

But I won’t stop here. Not only am I impressed with Rebecca’s purity stance; I also respect her dedication to her ministry.

I can say I know a little about her commitment to ministry because I was with Rebecca and her wonderful father, David Smallbone, a week before the wedding. Yeah, I said a week. They weren’t dashing around a shopping mall. They were three states away—ministering to people.

I know this because I was with them in New Mexico. What brought them to Albuquerque? Rebecca was leading worship at Calvary of Albuquerque. All this just six days before her wedding.

Now compare this with the other Royal Wedding. It seems like preparations have been taking place for months and months. And particularly within the last week. Emphasis on the week.

But with the other “royal” wedding, it seems to me that Rebecca St. James understands something grander: that serving God is an awesome privilege. And more importantly, in the large scope of things, it is about the ultimate Royal Wedding described in the book of Revelation that counts the most.

In the marriage scene described in Revelation, we see people from every tribe coming together to meet the true Royal Groom, the Living Lord, Christ Jesus. The true Royal Wedding is about the Divine Groom and His bride.

And instead of tuxedos and flowers, this Groom is concerned with wiping away tears of pain, healing broken hearts, and caring for the poor in spirit. As the Spirit says in Revelation 22:17, “Come! And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.”

This Groom invites all people to His wedding.

You see, the ultimate wedding is not just about two people saying vows: it is about the vow God has made with His people through Christ—the time when all will come to Christ as a bride to her loving Groom.

So I challenge you during this wedding barrage to take time and think about the day when you will be part of the true Royal Wedding.

And if you are not a Christian, this is the perfect time to say, “I do” to the Groom who will never leave or forsake you. His love will stand throughout all eternity. His marriage will last!

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  1. healthygirl

    June 18, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Just as we cannot know for sure that Prince William as Kate did have sex, we should not presume that Rebecca St. James and her husband did not. I suspect the prince did, and Rebecca did not, but we cannot necessarily know the hearts of people who do not know personally, and it could be wrong to assume that Kate and William are not followers of Christ as well. I watched their wedding on TV, and the ceremony seemed filled with references to God’s Word and Way. We should not prop up Rebecca as our idol either. She is a good role model, but she’s not necessarily perfect, and in turn, the British royals aren’t necessarily all scum as people, even though the Charles and Diana marriage seemed particularly frought with corruption and a lack of true love, purity in the case of the prince, and marriage fidelity. I see Kate and William as purposely not following in the footsteps of his parents, who showed such corruption in the marriage area, and I commend them for taking that stance and being brave enough. I am not convinced that Kate and William are as different from Rebecca and Jacob as you think, and we should be careful to not promote Rebecca overly while ignoring other people doing God’s work in the world. I understand that many people were tired of hearing about the British royal wedding, but I must admit that as a “fan” on Facebook of Rebecca St. James, I was equally tiring of hearing of her wedding preparations. She is not nearly as famous, but in proportion, she posted many news items about her wedding as well, and it was not always pleasant to read yet another update or “bragging” post about how she has her true love already. Many people wait past her age. Think how they feel? Finally, the reason why she could tour so close to the wedding is because her brother was managing and planning the entire thing–a practical detail in light of the fact that she needs to tour constantly. I read this on her news and updates page in her website in a TV interview. Another way of viewing the preparations that Kate did for weeks is that she was following the “commoner way” and planning many of her own details, rather than hanging out on vacation somewhere while a bunch of servants planned the big day for her–which is precisely what RSJ did. I love RSJ’s music, but I tire of the idea that she is without flaw, and that anyone else, including Kate and William, who seem like a really sweet couple despite being under strong worldwide pressure, arehorrible, Godless people. I think Kate and William show an extreme strength and wisdom in not following in his father’s footsteps by marrying too young and then breaking the marriage vows. I think their choices were correct, just as Rebecca’s were. I do not see them as the enemy. And in turn, I am sick of hearing Rebecca promoted as such a heroine. At times, she seems quite arrogant and impatient to me with TV interviewers, and that doesn’t strike me as the most perfect Christlike behavior in the world. She does good work, sure, but so do a lot of other people who go unnoticed as well, while we crow that Rebecca saved sex for marriage. Is that the most important sin topic of all? What if her heart is not pure in other ways? How do we know she practices what she preaches? I assume she does, but I’m sick of reading news about her wedding, just as you are sick of hearing about the British wedding.

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