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Reading can transform your life and put money in your pocket

Two brothers, men I am well acquainted with, wish they had learned to read when they were much younger. One is a well-educated and highly successful public school superintendent. His brother is equally educated and a widely known public speaker. Both lament the fact they are word-by-word readers who never learned to read lines, sentences and paragraphs at a glance.


There are books that teach you how to read. I have met one of those authors, Pat Williams, the Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association. One of his latest books, published by Health Communications, Inc., 3201 S.W. 15th St., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-8190, is titled: Read for Your Life . . . 11 Ways to Transform Your Life with Books.

I wish this book was in every elementary, middle, high school and college library and classroom in America and in every home. This is one of many excellent books written by Williams. Buy it, read it and let it change your life and that of your children and friends. Few of the good things in life are out of reach for the person who can and will read.

Thousands of churches will give Bibles and New Testaments as gifts to all ages on Easter Sunday, to graduates of every level during graduation time and special Bibles to thousands of brides. It is my duty to pass on to you the best place I know of to buy the finest Bibles, at the best price and they pay the shipping. Churches and businesses will buy them by the hundreds and thousands. You can be included, go to for the best in Bibles.

At this time of year, we all become interested in missions. Certainly at home and in our communities, but more than that in the nations far away from our place of residence. One of the best books I have ever read on missions is the one recently written by Dr. James A. Albrecht, Flaming the Fire in the Missional Church. A superb book by a seasoned veteran in missions who lived for many years in Egypt. You may order directly from the author, James Albrecht, 1925 Saint James Place, Anderson, IN 46012. Just $13.95 (postage and handling is included) for 190 pages of excitement. Email or phone 765-642-6409. Albrecht earned his doctorate in missiology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago, IL. Pastors and laymen will discover the meaning, delight and thrill of being involved with missions. It is a must read.

Anyone who enjoys Gospel Music, the kind produced by Bill Gaither, Jake Hess, James Blackwood, Doug Oldham, the Goodmans, Danny Gaither and the well known Gospel singers like the Weatherfords, Henry and Hazel Slaughter, Dottie Rambo and others will rush to buy their copy of It All Started with a Song, complied, edited and beautifully illustrated by David Liverett and with assistance from Judy Spencer Nelon. When I received my copy, I started reading and did not put it down until I had carefully read many of its 300 pages and 140 terrific stories.

It is one of the most enjoyable books ever for me. You may order it from Chinaberry House, P. O. Box 505, Anderson, IN 46015-9595 or or e-mail So many times, I read the story again of these 140 tremendous musicians.

If you enjoy biography and American history, be sure to find out about the tremendous books written by brilliant historian, William J. Federer, by writing to: Amerisearch, Inc., P.O. Box 20163, St. Louis, MO 63123 or call 1-888-872-9673 or check or  You will enjoy reading several of Federer’s many books.

You will be delighted with this book by one of the great Christian leaders of our day, the incomparable, Bill Bright. It’s one of the finest books ever written and titled GOD: Discover His Character, published by New Life Publications, Campus Crusade for Christ, P.O Box 620877, Orlando, FL 32862-0877. You, your family and your pastor will enjoy this classic.

My long time friend, Dr. Arlo F. Newell, great preacher and author of numerous books and nationally known pastor and church executive leader, has written a special book titled Receive the Holy Spirit. A scholarly and yet easily understood book that will bless every Christian and church leader.

You may purchase a single copy or quantities by writing to: Warner Press, Inc., P.O. Box 2499, Anderson, IN, 46018-9988 or call toll free; 1-800-741-7721. Get your copy and others for friends, teachers, students and pastors.

As I write, I am surrounded by thousands of dear friends. You read it correctly. Books and especially their authors are among my best friends. They often talk about things we have shared in common. Never a day goes by that I do not pay special attention to one or more of them. Become a reader of books. Learn more about reading and how to do it more effectively. It may transform your life and put money in your pocket.

Warning! We will all be “. . . judged according to the things written in The Books . . .” (Revelation 20:12, The Living Bible). Heed warnings. Read and live.

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