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Reading books can be profitable in numerous ways

Bill Ellis

“And what have you been reading this summer?” Francis Bacon once commented, “Reading serves for delight, for ornament, for ability. The crafty contemn it; the simple admire it; the wise use it.”

For years I have heard, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Get into the book itself and you may be pleasantly surprised by both its enjoyment and information.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel about yourself and what you have accomplished if you spend an hour or two each day reading books instead of watching television? Television usually leaves me empty and feeling like I could have sent the time more profitably. Was it Newt Minnow who referred to TV as “the great waste land?”

What about the books Kitty and I have been reading? Last evening I opened one to read, not just look at the interesting pictures, the story of Willi Krenz, a European pastor who has lived his long life in cross-cultural contexts. The Anderson University Press titled it Always Looking Forward. Willi was born of German parents in the Ukraine in 1933 and grew up during the days of World War II with all its deprivations and dangers.

As I read it, the escapes, times of fear, facing imprisonment and death, I kept thinking here is another heroic story for a great movie. Because of the political climate, Krenz and his family also lived in Poland and the Russian Zone of East Germany before crossing the Iron Curtain to West Germany and freedom. What an exciting story. Just reading the history of the political turmoil made it difficult to lay the book aside for the evening meal.

You may order it from Warner Press, Anderson, Indiana, by phone: 765-644-7721 or 1-800-741-7721 or email: or check Here are two other terrific books you may also order from Warner Press.

Sapphires from Psalms, by California author, Linda Newton. It is a book for today’s busy woman containing 31 priceless gems of encouragement. For women on the run, it offers a quick bit of inspiration as they weave in and out of their hectic days. Kitty likes the books by Linda Newton and thinks you will also enjoy them.

Bill C. Konstantopoulos is one of the most enjoyable public speakers I have ever heard. He writes as well as he speaks. Put him in a Yankee or Dodger baseball uniform and you might think you are talking with my favorite manager, Joe Torre. You could put Joe on a speakers platform before a large audience and think you were about the hear Dr. Konstantopoulos. There is a striking likeness.

“Bill K”, scholarly writer and speaker, has just written a new book packed full of valuable information for the serious and searching Christian or inquirer that he simply titles, The Holy Spirit Within Us.

You will refer to it often and want to buy extra copies for your family and friends.

What do you do when a child dies? A member of your family or in your circle of friends? Jess Kuhl, well-known athlete and successful businessman, titled his powerful and moving book, Sometime the Rock Must Crumble, a father’s journey from heartbreak to purpose. His beautiful little daughter, Maura, lived just three days and suddenly it was over.

Chet Marshall, international speaker, author and coach, writes of this tremendous book, “Incredible, inspiring, no holds barred – a must-read for every father.”

Find out more about Kuhl’s speaking engagements and ordering this book by going to: or or call: 304-395-2511. Your friends will be ever thankful that you shared this great book with them.

Get a big glass of water (by far the best and most needed drink) and settle down with good books for a summer you’ll always remember with pleasure.

Bill Ellis, ANS

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