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Radio Personality Warren Duffy Launches Environmental Truth-Teller COALITION – CFACTSOCAL

Long time Southern California radio personality, Warren Duffy, host from 1994 to 2004 of the Los Angeles KKLA radio program “Duffy and Company,” has announced the launch of a new environmental coalition CFACTSOCAL ( – which he calls a group of environmental “truth tellers.”

Warren Duffy behind
the microphone

CFACTSOCAL is a new branch office of the Washington, D.C. organization Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT – which was founded some 25 years ago.

After several trips to Southern California and working on various environmental issues with Duffy and his wife, Pam, co-founder of CFACT, Craig Rucker explained the reasoning for a Southern California chapter. “Seeing the threat radical environmentalism posed to individual freedom in California, Duffy and Pam were ready to take the challenge of confronting it in their own backyard.”

“Today, CFACT, both nationally and internationally, stands ready to offer sound alternatives to those pushing the radical green agenda. Those alternatives preserve freedoms, prosperity and the environment. The Duffy’s will carry out CFACT’s important work in California to accomplish its goals,” Rucker concluded.

In response to the question, why he was willing to organize CFACTSOCAL, Duffy explained, “We hear nothing substantial from the mainstream media about the coming tidal wave of government rules, regulations and expenses under the pretext of environmental protection. We cannot even get honest, easy-to-understand information from the various Sacramento bloated bureaucracies running this scam.

“Our organization (CFACTSOCAL) will educate, activate and motivate citizens throughout the Golden State with the truth concerning Cap and Trade and various other issues. I honestly believe the majority of people don’t understand the devastation these policies will bring on our families and businesses.

“Even Sacramento bureaucrats seem to be making it up as they go along. We are gathering facts, reporting them on our website as well as, on our weekly podcasts. In addition, between now and the end of this year, I will be speaking at as many venues as possible to get the truth out concerning ‘Cap and Trade’ and the past forty years of environmental story-book alarmism. I believe the majority in our state from business leaders, scientists and even legislators, agree with the truth we are sharing.”

Warren and Pam Duffy pictured on their wedding day
(Photo: Dan Wooding)

Duffy was a radio broadcaster in Southern California on KMET-FM, Los Angeles in 1970, when the radio station helped publicize the very first Earth Day. “It was right after the Santa Barbara oil spill,” Duffy reflected. “The television news was full of oiled birds and gunk on the beach. We publicized a day when everybody took responsibility for not leaving pop-top can openers on the beach, saving the trees by using plastic grocery bags (little did we know), and not trashing the woods, rivers, desert or sea. It was all pretty simple back then,” Duffy said.

When asked why he did not form a state-wide organization, Duffy said, “Rather than taking on too much to begin, Southern California seemed a good place to start. Having lived here for over forty years, I am much more familiar with the area.”

Duffy concluded his remarks by stating, “The future of our state is before us and as is often said, ‘As goes California, so goes America.’

“Our present path is a direction our state or nation does not need to travel. As President Reagan said, “The most terrifying words in the English language, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” We can do better than allowing our state to become captive to green alarmists and overzealous state bureaucrats.”

Note: In 2009, Duffy was diagnosed to have a malignant tumor within one of his kidneys. Surgeons removed the kidney and tumor and to date remains cancer free! He continues to speak and act as master of ceremonies to many groups throughout the Southland and lead Christian tours throughout the world. He and his wife Pam manage a PR and Marketing company for ministries (

To speak with Duffy or schedule an interview, please contact Pam Duffy at 714-847-8835 or email

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