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Presbyterian Church Planting Work in Darfur

by CH

A refugee woman goes out to gather scarce fuel for a cooking fire, and before she returns, she is the victim of gang rape. Civilians flee for their lives as Sudanese government planes bomb them. Trucks pull up to a village and a loudspeaker proclaims, “Food is here, but not for Christians!”

Despite these tragedies, Darfur has a bright ray of hope in the midst of the forces of hell. It shines from a group of brave followers of Christ led by Yasir, an amazing Presbyterian pastor. Yasir shepherds a flock surrounded by wolves. He has a clear vision of what God wants to accomplish. Yasir wants his flock to pray fervently. These believers find it easy to pray when things are hard. He wants relevant, culturally sensitive worship. Muslims are very sensitive to things like dress codes, criticism of the Qur’an and women’s roles in a worship service. Christ’s followers need special training to equip them to sensitively reach their Muslim neighbors with truth and love.

Believers are called to do mercy ministries. Muslims are impressed by acts of kindness done by Christ’s followers. These include AIDS counseling, English as a second language, and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Solar cookers provide an alternative to scarce fuel for fires, which women usually gather at great risk of attack. Employment counseling is provided for those who can’t find work because of religious persecution.

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