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Pray, Practice and Prosper by Doing Business God’s Way, A Daily Devotional for Business People

In 2008, the United States experienced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Can it happen again? Of course! Can it be prevented? Yes, with the right attitudes about the acquisition of personal and corporate resources.

New Book Released for Business People, A 365 Day Journey Changing Lives One Day at a Time!

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“Pray, Practice, and Prosper by Doing Business God’s Way” by Craig McIlroy (Xulon Press) is a one year daily devotional book describing these attitudes and how best to put them into practice. This book focuses on the needs of those in the marketplace, spending the majority of their lives working at their career.

In this inspiring work, Craig describes how God can mold your character to become who and what God has called you to be. He describes how the Holy Spirit helps you create a clear vision that will guide your daily choices.

“As you make these choices, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, you can develop habits that grow character, improve decision-making, and prosper every aspect of your life with the right attitudes,” he said.

Mr. McIlroy has been involved in real estate, investments, and business development since 1983. He has also traveled extensively in the U.S. and Canada, delivering investment seminars and managing projects.

In addition, he has served as Director of Strategic Planning for one of the largest and oldest denominations in the world. It is through this experience that Craig has realized that your job IS your ministry and spending 40+ hours a week at work is a great opportunity to live the life God called you to live . . . even as you prosper through it.

In the book, he describes how the reader can:
* Live out a one year plan to get their work on a successful track
* Connect with God in a meaningful way on a daily basis
* Pray continuously – even at work!
* Understand God’s viewpoint on Money and Wealth
* Realize every blessing and reward for your work
* Reduce your anxiety about “making a living”
* Protect your business from those who would harm it
* Building a foundation that can survive for generations

For more information you can visit the website and it’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Xulon Press. For those looking for e Books you can find it at Amazon Kindle, Sony e-Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo (Borders) e-Reader.

You can also contact Craig McIlroy in this way:
Phone 949-858-1166
Fax 949-858-1143PO Box 80341

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