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Police Detains Indian Pastor, Warn Him Not To Conduct Any Church Activities

Karnataka State Police entered the house of a pastor in Sirsi in this state on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 and took him to the local police station and detained till late at night on alleged charges of “forceful conversion”.

According to the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), it was around 7.00 pm, when a few police officers reached Pastor Shivakumar’s house and summoned him to the Police Station.

The news source added that pastor was detained till 10.30 pm a police officer “verbally abused” the pastor and warned not to conduct any church activities in the future. The police then took a written statement from the pastor and took his photograph and then released him.

Pastor Shivakumar (26) is married to Yashodha (25) and they have a son Prejval. He conducts worship services in his rented house and has a gathering of about 35 members.

James Varghese is a reporter for Masihat newspaper in India, and is also a freelance journalist working for ANS.

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