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Police ‘brutally manhandle’ a Christian youth to make him confess a crime he said he did not commit

Through well-placed sources, ANS has been informed that members of the local police allegedly tortured Ezekiel Steven, a Christian youth, and broke both of his ankle bones in a bid to make him confess to what has turned out to be a fake dacoity (armed robbery) charge.

Ezekiel Steven

Dacoity is criminal activity involving armed robbery and it had been claimed that the young man had been involved in this crime back in February of 2009.

But now Nadeem Badar Qazi from the South Karachi Court of the Civil Judge/ Magistrate purged him on December 12, 2010 of all of the dacoity allegations due to “lack of evidence.”

A Christian rights defender, on condition of anonymity because of “danger from local Muslim radicals,” told ANS that the police case had been “trumped up” on the behest of a Muslim radical plaintiff.

The now disproved allegations against Ezekiel Steven claimed that he had, in mid February of 2009, robbed at gunpoint a Muslim proprietor of rupees worth about $8.22 USD as well as two cellphones and seven cellphone vouchers.

ANS has now learned through the first-hand account of the victim that he didn’t “commit this felony.” He also said that the police “barbarically tortured him” and had “broken both of his ankle bones” to compel him to confess the dacoity which he said he “hadn’t done” and then charged him with armed dacoity.

Steven said the radiological report of the B.H.Y Hospital and medical examination report of the Karachi District Headquarters Hospital, also known as the Civil Hospital, proved that both of his ankle bones were broken during the “police torture.”

He said that after his arrest he had been held in the Karachi Jail and during that time “went through immense mental and physical pain as an inmate.”

Steven added that the case against him had been “totally concocted” and he was pleased that his “innocence had finally been proved in court.”

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