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Pathway Press Launches ‘Sermons for Shepherds’

On September 14 the Web site became active. The site will host weekly sermon postings from 30 leading Church of God pastors across the denomination.

“We are excited about this new addition,” stated Terry Hart, Director of Pathway. “The pastors have been hand selected and invited to participate. Every Tuesday the sermon that they shared with the church the preceding Sunday will be posted on the Web site.” Hart went on to say that Pathway created the site in response to the mission of Pathway Press.

“We are commissioned as the denominational hub to resource the local church,” Hart said. “It is our commitment to provide fresh and relevant ministry resources. We are committed to this task.”

According to David Ray, administrative assistant at Pathway, the sermons, in either manuscript or outline format, can be viewed, and downloaded free of charge to become sermon resources for pastors or ministers.

“We will not be editing these sermons and we will post them in the format in which we receive them,” Ray stated. Formats may consist of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or other formats.

The site was designed and will be maintained by Jeremy Griffis, a staff member at Pathway and son of assistant general overseer, David Griffis.

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