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Pastor Selvaraj Rajiah passes away

Rev. Selvaraj Rajiah, who was the Pastor of the largest Church in France, passed away last week.

Pastor Selvaraj Rajiah, anointed man of God, passed away on Friday 23 December 2011. God has made His decision to take him, and we respect it. Funeral services are pending, but will be probably held at the Paris Christian Center.

Pastor Selvaraj Rajiah, Paris centre Chrétien

Pastor Selvaraj was 14 when he gave his life to the Lord and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. While pursuing his Engineering studies at the University, the Lord told him to get ready for the ministry that He had been preparing for him. Then, the Holy Spirit led him to go to Bible School abroad for 5 years to study the Word. After his graduation, Pastor Selvaraj came back to India and he began to preach the Gospel from village to village, while organizing crusades and seminars and training sessions for pastors. Thousands of people were saved, delivered and healed by the supernatural power of God.

Five years later, the Indian Government refused to renew his missionary visa and ordered him to leave the country within three months. Then the devil began to bombard his mind saying, you are finished, your ministry is finished. Unable to take anything with him, Pastor Selvaraj left everything behind, his house, his ministry etc. and flew to Europe with no money in his pockets. But the Lord said to him, “My son, preach my Word without compromise. My Word is like a net and when you throw the net out, it always catches fish.”

Then the Lord opened doors supernaturally for him to preach and teach everywhere in Europe, and the same miracles that were happening in India were also taken place: people were saved, delivered and healed!

Some time later, the Lord told Pastor Selvaraj to start a church that would break new grounds in France, and he did. It was birthed with miracles and it grew quickly from a few people to several hundreds. Then in 1992, once again, the devil tried to destroy his ministry. But in the midst of the storm, Jesus appeared to him a second time. One day, while he was writing a letter in his office, the Lord told him, “My son, I am healing you and I am healing this ministry.” And from this time on, Pastor Selvaraj’s ministry has been going from miracle to miracle. Today, several thousands, whose desire is to praise, worship and follow the Lord, attend Paris Christian Center church in La Courneuve, right outside Paris.

The ministry of Pastor Selvaraj and his wife Dorothy is a well-known and a well-respected ministry all over the world. As for their church, it’s kindly called “La Maison” (the House) by hundreds of people, not only in France, but also in the world.

“Parole de Foi Bible Training Center” has trained hundred of believers and pastors that have since started works in Yugoslavia, in Germany, in Africa, in England, in Switzerland etc.

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