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Paradise Kids Provides Prosthetic Limbs for Victims of Polio and War

A one-time Australian rock star Dr Themi Adams who is now a missionary in Sierra Leone has told us an extraordinary story of how victims of shocking “war crimes” in this country will soon receive a new lease of life.

Walking and running freely with a Jaipur leg

A prosthetic clinic and workshop will soon open in Freetown, Sierra Leone servicing the local community with artificial limbs. These will be fitted by skilled nursing staff trained at one of the Jaipur’s foot centers in Uganda.

According to a recent press release: Dr. Themi Adams (short for Adamopoulos), explained in a message: “Legs for the disabled have now become a reality. This is good news for people in Freetown, Sierra Leone those who have lost their limbs in the war. They will be able to walk again with courtesy of the Jaipur Group and Paradise Kids 4 Africa.”

Paradise Kids 4 Africa which is the charity arm of the Australian former rock star and in conjunction with India’s Jaipur’s Foot Company will manufacture and fit the artificial limbs in Freetown to all the amputees who need them for as little $100USD.

The service will be provided by the Orthodox Mission at the Good Shepherd’s Clinic in Waterloo, a small town located in the country’s capital.


A leg being fitted

Dr. Themi Adams said: “It’s been a decade since the war ceased and still there are the scars of a bloody war are evident at almost every turn, bullet riddled buildings and amputees everywhere.

“A lasting feature of the war, in which tens of thousands died, was the atrocities committed by the rebels, whose trademark was to hack off the hands or feet of their victims. Really, really terrible, and barbaric!

“But amid the destruction, our mission and other outreach centers in the West African nation will be doing their bit to help the amputees function a little better and help the country recover.”

This new prosthetic clinic will be overseen by the Jaipur Foot Company ( and PK4A with specialist staff.


Africans playing soccer before they received their artificial limbs

A nurse Mr. Michael Allie has just completed the course at the Jaipur Center, Uganda and is returning back to the Orthodox Mission Sierra Leone to apply his new found skills.

He is now equipped to train other nurses and supervise the manufacture of artificial limbs with ongoing support and instruction from Jaipur Foot Center.

Jaipur Foot Company is a well-established organization and its head office is based in India, but it has established several centers abroad, for example in Manila, Nairobi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Honduras, Panama, and Trinidad & Tobago etc. through the help of Rotary Clubs, World Rehabilitation Fund and other agencies.

They also provide training to the local technicians so that they can continue the work with other technicians who take their new found skills to their countries of origin such as Sierra Leone and other nations.

Mr. D. R. Mehta the founder of the Jaipur Foot Company said: “We are regularly exporting components and Jaipur Foot from India to these centers.

“People who live inside world’s many war zones, from Afghanistan to Rwanda, Sierra Leone may never have heard of New York or Paris, but they are likely to know of a town in Northern India called Jaipur. Jaipur is famous in strife torn areas as the birthplace of an extraordinary prosthesis, or artificial limb, known as the Jaipur Foot, that has revolutionized life of land-mine amputees.

“The beauty of the Jaipur Foot is its lightness and mobility can cost several thousand dollars in the US, the Jaipur Foot costs only $100 and now will be available to the Orthodox Mission in West Africa.”.

Fr. Themi Adams went on to say: “We are right now in the process finalizing the details to begin operations of our leg fitting clinic. We have sent a nurse to study in Kampala (Uganda) the skills and techniques of the Jaipur leg fitting system.


Mr. D. R. Mehta of Jaipur Foot Company receives a Technology Award 2011

“The good news he is returning and will train our other nurses in the system. We have already established the clinic. What remains are the workshop and the leg manufacturing material. By the beginning of next year I am hopeful to offer our first services to countless young amputated war victims.”

Rev Themi has reached a milestone in his vision for Sierra Leone. After four years of prayer and effort, he will be integrated into the Jaipur limb fraternity as an official provider of artificial limbs.
This makes it official and will allow him to start fitting disabled persons with a leg for as little as little as $100 USD.

He has had this vision since his days in Nairobi, Kenya and we have all heard him speak about his plan and now he has the staff; soon he will have the facility.

Dr. Wanume Kale of Jaipur in Uganda who trained Dr. Themi’s nurse writes about his progress: “I wish to inform you that after three months, Mr. Michael Allie has completed the short course in the Jaipur Limb Technology.

“He has gone through the orthopedic basics of artificial limb fabrication as well as the practical aspects in what they teach at the Kampala Medical School, Kumi Orthopedic Clinic and Mulago Hospital.

“He has been a keen student and should be able to start a small Jaipur limb workshop with your support.
“When you are ready to start fabrication of limbs, it would be wise to have our trainer visit your workshop for at least one week to set up all the fabrication systems and processes.

“I am copying this message and others to our Africa Director PDG Don Short, so that you can be integrated into the Jaipur limb fraternity.
“Great Lakes Rehabilitation Center will always be at your service.”

Rev Themi Adams added, “Those of us who are blessed with two legs and are able to walk and even run, should rejoice but also remember those who have been deprived of that capacity, let us bring to mind the sacred words of Jesus: ‘I was sick / in pain and you came unto me…’”

His website is:

To read the extraordinary story of this man who went from being a rock star to a missionary in Africa, please go to:

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