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Pakistani fatherless Christian teenage girl allegedly raped by two Muslim boys

Alleged Rape Victim Alishba Rehmat

Alishba Rehmat, a 14-year-old fatherless Pakistan Christian grade 10 student, was allegedly raped by two Muslim boys on Thursday, May 6, 2010, the Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), UK has reported to the ASSIST News Service (ANS).

Alishba is a resident of Samanabad, a major residential area and administrative subdivision of Lahore, Pakistan, and she has one younger brother, Awaiz, aged 13, and a younger sister Sehar, 11, a student of grade 5.

According to details ANS obtained from CLAAS UK, Alishba and her siblings were studying at the Az-Ehsaan Foundation Academy, a private school situated near their house.

After the death of her husband, Rehmat, Alishba’s mother, Ayesha, aged 35, managed to get a job at the school to help meet their daily needs, including studies.

The trouble began for the teenage Christian girl on May 6, 2010 when she went to the school with her younger sister, Sehar.

Mr. Nasir Saeed, Director CLAAS, UK told an ANS correspondent that two Muslim boys both 17, intercepted Alishba when she was going to meet her younger sister on the other side of the school at 7:00 pm on that day.

Saeed said: “The accused asked Alishba if she had any idea of the whereabouts of a fellow student and the alleged victim said she did not know where she was.”

According to Mr. Saeed, the accused “manhandled” the Christian girl “and forced some sedative liquid in her mouth until she lost her senses”

He added: “The accused abducted her and brutally raped her before throwing her outside the school.”

The UK based Christian rights activist told ANS that Alishba’s mother spent the day in agony.

“She [Ayesha] went to the school to look for her daughter and was shocked to see Alishba, who was apparently under the influence of sedatives, walking slowly towards her,” said Mr. Saeed.

“Alishba was taken to a nearby clinic after she complained of fever and pain in her abdomen and thighs.”

He went on to say that the lady doctor who examined the alleged victim told the family that Alishba “had been raped” and suggested that “they better take a Medico-Legal report from government hospital.”

The Director CLAAS UK said that on Saturday, May 8, 2010, the mother of one of the two alleged rapists came to Alishba’s home and apologized on behalf of her son.

“The mother also said that she was ready to take Alishba as her daughter-in-law but pre-conditioned the proposed marriage was for Alishba’s conversion to Islam from Christianity,” he told ANS.

“This was a very wicked and heart-breaking attack on us by the mother,” Mr. Saeed quoted Ayesha as saying to CLAAS Pakistan caseworkers.

ANS has learned that Ayesha rejected the proposal and told her visitor that she would rather pursue justice for her daughter instead of marrying her off to a man of “loose character.”

Ayesha moved an application at Millat Park Police Station in Lahore for the registration of a case against the alleged rapists and on Sunday, May 09, 2010, the police registered a Police First Information Report (FIR) there

Mr. Saeed said that Ayesha Bibi, who he described as “a poor lady” was not able to bear the expenses of her daughter’s case and approached CLAAS office along with the alleged victim, Alishba, for legal assistance.

He said: “CLAAS office appointed Mr. Tanvir M. Gill, advocate of High Court for assistance and pursuing the case accordingly”.

Compass Direct News ( has reported that forensic DNA results of semen samples showed that they match those of the Muslim boys accused of allegedly raping Alishba.

“A urine test indicated the girl was not pregnant…,” added the Compass story,

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